The Hidden Cancer Cure

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Cancer is a condition that has yet to be permanently cured in any of its forms. At the moment, the only progress is in the care of some of its forms (Moss 34). It has led to the belief that a cure for the disease exists, but the FDA, in conjunction with Big Pharma, has conspired to keep it off the market. The main reason for this plot is that cancer is a huge source of revenue for these companies, allowing them to make millions of dollars per year as people pursue ways to manage the disease (Moss 35). Analyzing this notion allows for the contemplation concerning the possibility of FDA and Big Pharma refusing to release of the cancer cure.

It is possible that the cure for cancer has been reached on several occasions, but no party wants to see it completely eradicated. Many researchers are today earning a living in the pursuit of this cure. Their employers attract huge grant money thus allowing their institutions to survive and make huge returns. In so doing, Big Pharma continues to attract funding while making immense profits selling chemotherapy medication (Blaskiewicz 259). Numerous surgeons are also engaged in removing the tumors in people’s bodies. Additionally, there is the manufacture of multiple radiation devices that also require that radiologists run them. All these individuals and equipment involved would become unnecessary if cancer were nonexistent today.

Cancer is a trillion dollar industry. Hence, a cure would mean that entire institutions dedicated to its treatment would have to be repurposed (Blaskiewicz 260). All the resources would have to be shifted elsewhere. A good example of what would happen is the case of tuberculosis. Researchers would have to find other means of attracting funding besides a majority of them having to shift their skills. There is the risk of some aspects becoming obsolete.

Furthermore, cancer has proven to be a sophisticated set of ailments that has resulted in vast and transforming science being applied in evaluating its causes and implications. This research has taken place in many labs across the globe. Therefore, a cure for cancer would only emerge from the basis of the many studies that have come from different labs and institutions situated in various countries. Hence, if one place declared to have reached a significant breakthrough, it would be the culmination of the vast body of research that had been made available to the public. It would thus be difficult to keep other researchers from replicating these ultimate steps that brought about the cure (Menikoff and Richards 20). Thereby, companies would not enjoy as many profits due to there being many variations of the cure.

In conclusion, an analysis of the conspiracy of a cancer cure being withheld by FDA and Big Pharma allows for the accommodation of such an aspect being real. Firstly, no party wants to see cancer being completely healed since the massive profits would cease in addition to all the individuals and equipment involved becoming unnecessary. Also, the trillion dollar industry would experience the same fate as that of tuberculosis whereby resources would have to be shifted elsewhere with some also becoming obsolete. Furthermore, a cure would have to be built on the vast research that exists in the public domain. Hence, a discovery would mean that the results could be replicable thus companies would not earn much profit due to the existence of many variations.

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May 04, 2022

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