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The Ideas of Freedom

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Freedom can be described as the power to undertake activities, speak, or have thoughts in manner that is free and independent. Everyone yearns for freedom at all the levels of our lives, however it is not always guaranteed on the grounds that other people’s wishes have to be protected. This therefore makes it herbal for every human being to want to resist the legal guidelines and regulations in different social settings that are viewed as impediment. Freedom is now not always guaranteed by removing obstacles, but by purposing to solve a actual problem to have it.
Escaping from obstacles to look for freedom like escaping to overseas land is not freedom guaranteed. In The Vastness of the Dark, a young man, James, wants to get away from his home and be on his own like many other young men who have turned 18. He states, "Well at least tomorrow I will be free of you" (361). The young man is very eager to leave his home setting and have his best moments in a place where the monotonous routines would never be thought of: "But after today, I will probably not have to think about it anymore. For today I leave behind this grimy Cape Breton coal-mining town whose prisoner I have been for all my life" (365). However, the freedom James thought of is not what he finds on the outside; he gets disguised only to find comfort at home.

Freedom is not always guaranteed when the obstacles to it are removed. In No Name Woman, although men have intentionally been left out from the story, the women are depicted as oppressive of themselves too. The latter are said to advance their own belittlement through such actions like uttering phrases like "better to have geese than girls." Women are witnessed destroying a fellow woman’s house that lacked a name. At the final chapter, girls are seen tormenting each other on the playground. It is the least expected event since men who are in most cases seen as the source of the women oppression are out of the picture, however, oppression is still evident.

The real freedom to safety is guaranteed by making sacrifices for others. In Bettelheim's essay, The Ignored Lessons of Anne Frank, the father of Anne Frank is criticized for having his family choose the same hiding place. This is different from the fact that other Jews chose to split their families and find different hiding places so that one member’s discovery or death would not jeopardize the chances to life of the other family members. Frank’s desire to continue living in freedom with his family did not depict any form of sacrifice – а reason why many of the family members were killed.

In conclusion, freedom is much required by every one of us. All in all, we need to be rational in our thoughts and decision making when taking steps as to benefit from the different forms of freedom. Where need be, we are required to face the problems affecting us headlong but with caution and willingness to die for freedom. It is not advisable to run away from impediments to freedom, but to face these hurdles with courage and hope of succeeding.

July 24, 2021


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