The Impact of Environmental Pollution on Human Health

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Lamer, Brook. "What Does It Take to Stop Accepting Pollution as the Price of Progress?" The New York Times Magazine (23 January 2018.) Magazine.

The article “What Does It Take to Stop Accepting Pollution as the Price of Progress?” provides in-depth insight on aspects of environmental pollution and the subsequent impact on the global climate, human health and the ecology. The author expounds on the element of ozone, lead and other greenhouse chemicals which are mainly emitted from industrial processes. Despite the enactment of stringent policies like the use of green energy and clean production, Delhi and Beijing cities are still clouded with hazardous smog resulting in increased incidence of respiratory diseases and cancer.

            Since the industrial age, societies have been complacent on the aspect of pollution, and it has mainly focused on economic growth. Subsequently, there has been an increase in healthcare expenditure and loss of productivity in the industrialized nations. I agree with the author that governments should invest sufficient resources in environmental research, the use of renewable energy and it should also put in place stringent policies to avert the pollution crisis. The term pollution refugee has become common in economies like China and India that rely heavily on coal production. The article therefore advocates for an environmental-conscious economic growth to mitigate the long-term impacts of pollution on the quality of life.

Karlamangla, Soumya. "Not quite healthy, not quite sick, women at risk of hereditary cancer can 'fall through the medical cracks.'" Los Angeles Times 8 April 2018. .

            In recent times, there has been an increase in cancer related cases, especially amongst women mainly as a result of two-gene mutation. According to the National Cancer Institute, women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations have a 72% risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer and a 1% risk of suffering from ovarian cancer. The Affordable Care Act and the 2013 Supreme Court ruling has made it convenient for women to access the BRCA mutations testing at an affordable price.

In an effort to minimize incidences of hereditary ovarian and breast cancer, Dr. Heather Macdonald has developed a Breast & Ovarian Cancer Prevention Program which seeks to address the needs of the affected person. The affected individuals and their families usually undergo psychological trauma and depression especially when they undertake ovarian and breast removal. Community health groups and nonprofit organizations like Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE) have therefore been formed to offer moral support and give medical advice to the affected persons. The paper was an eye-opener especially on the aspect of BRCA mutation and the fact that cancer- causing mutations can be inherited from parents.

Andone, Dakin. "What you need to know about the national school walkout." CNN. (12 March 2018.)

A CNN reporter, Dakin Andone, had an interview with the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting incidence which claimed the lives of 17 faculty members and students. The perpetrator, Nikolas Cruz, used an AR-15-style rifle to carry out the heinous act. The shooting sparked an intensive debate on all platforms especially on the aspect of gun control laws in America. The survivors gave a detailed account of what transpired on the specific day and the subsequent emotional and psychological trauma.

The students, teachers, and activists, therefore, planned a national school walkout which would serve as a protest and a memorial of the 17 casualties of the rampant shootings. Some of the key grievances that they wanted the senate to address include imposing bans on assault weapons, thorough background checks by all licensed dealers and enacting laws that will enable gun repossession from individuals with societal disorders. I believe that the 17 minute protest carried out on March 14 provided a great opportunity for the students to air out their grievances and subsequently stimulate positive reforms with regard to gun control

Mead, Walter Russell. "Left and Right Agree: Get Tough on China." The Wall Street Journal (January 8, 2018). .

There is no doubt that there has been a paradigm shift in the manner of governance and political systems in the United Sates since the inauguration of president Trump. One of the vital areas that have generated significant interest from the public on matters foreign policies. The author of the journal article makes a vivid comparison of the current political situation to the era of Vietnam War. The national spotlight has specifically been on Trump and his perceived allegiance to Vladimir Putin of Russia, especially on matters foreign policies. Critics argue that the president’s mode of governance does not alleviate his stature as the leader of the free world. A significant proportion of the Republicans and the Democrats agree that it is essential to curb the powers of the president especially on matters security and nuclear war with North Korea.

I have always been a fan of politics, and the current political environment has heightened my interest. Despite the public uproar from Americans, the president has continued to give wanting statements to the press and in other instances; he posts confidential matters on twitter. I agree with the Senate that the concerns above are valid and need to be addressed immediately. The Iran nuclear deal signed in by Obama President was a great milestone on the international front.Imposing stringent trade sanctions on China may alienate major economies that have trade agreements with the country and therefore reduce America’s dominance. The journal thus advocates that the government should adopt an all-inclusive trade policy which has been harmonized by the World Trade Organization.

Radio, Fox News "The FOX News Rundown." (2018, March, 21).

Amazon is one of the economic giants on the e-commerce platform with significant control of the pricing mechanisms. The radio hosts, Howie Kurtz and a guest reporter Michelle Pollino from FOX's Entertainment discuss the current upheavals facing Amazon and why the president is targeting the firm. According to president Trump, Amazon pays very little taxes to the state, and it also engages in the unfavorable competition which places small retailers at a disadvantage. Similar complaints have been aired out by Seton Motley, who claims that the company has colluded with Defense Department to get better services in the online market.

According to Shannon Bream, one of the commentators, in the FOX News Rundown radio, Amazon has a competitive advantage in the present industry owing to its aggressive marketing plan and extensive digital campaigns on the online platform. I always love to buy goods that are sold online mainly because it is convenient and I can choose from a wide array of items. Most online brands have not capitalized on the aspect of consumer preference and price consideration which are key determinants. I, therefore, agree with the president and critics at the radio show that the senate should use elements of the competitive law to create a favorable business environment.

Durbin, Steve.  "The Top Five Global Cyber Security Threats for 2018."  ( 23 January 2018 ). Information Security Forum. .Online article

Cases of cyber-attacks and hacking have been on the rise especially with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital devices that have become part and parcel of the modern society. According to the article, corporates should invest in extensive technologies that will help to secure vital data and minimize the impact on shareholder value caused by the adverse security breach. The use of wireless networks has compounded the security problem owing to their susceptibility to malicious attacks and the use of weak encryption programs.

To minimize the threat in the digital landscape, the Managing Director, Information Security Forum recommends that companies should integrate extensive risk management mechanisms at the global levels. I gained a lot from the article especially on the aspect of securing household devices to reduce vulnerability to external elements. The cyber war can only be won by investing in sophisticated crypto ware and employing techno-savvy individuals who can easily anticipate security threats.

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