The Impact of Grober Fitness on the Fitness Industry

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Grober fitness is a company that deals with body fitness supplements as well gym equipment. The company has engaged in a competitive industry that requires a substantial consideration of the potential customers along with the development of most suitable marketing strategies to enable the company to have a competitive advantage. For the company to succeed, it is essential for the critical evaluation of customers as well as tailoring the marketing efforts and the products with the preferences of the customers. The main market focus for the company is the fitness enthusiasts who tend to be more educated people along with the potential to afford health and fitness products and services. In the provision of these products and services, Grober aims to improve the health fitness through enhancement of various facilities such as the provision of exercise equipment s and videos, gym memberships, and fitness publications. These achievements will depend on the ability to define the target groups, marketing and distribution channels, and the management of sales personnel in delivery of products and services.

            Body and health fitness products and services are in high demand to a variety of customers and institutions. The primary target market for Grober Company is health facilities especially those dealing with obesity and body weights. The second target market is the gym facilities and retail shops through the provision of equipment and supplements respectively. The other target market is directly reaching the final consumers through training and hiring skilled experts who will render services and deliver products to the respective customers. Additionally, some of the equipment will be made available to various wholesale shops and supermarkets along with other interested companies and dealers who require delivery of their orders in large quantities.

             Among the various target market, there are those categorized in the business to business prospects. For instance, the company aims to increase the supply of health supplements to various gym facilities that specialize in health and boy fitness. One of the key targets is the Body Business Fitness Club, an institution that operates on a full-time basis with a combination of personal training services, group fitness classes, and invigorating classes. Depending on the requirements of such facility, our company seeks to distribute them with advanced gym equipment, complimentary towels, Video lessons, and supplements for overweight people. Through the provision of these products, Grober Company will help improve the services offered by Body Business Fitness Club as well as attracting more customers especially those who are in the category of working class. According to Chen (2011), a feasible fitness facility helps other companies in increasing employee’s morale and recreation and thus attracting more customers through the provision of fitness programs.

            Another business to business prospects is the supply of supplements and expertise to various recreational and health facilities. The primary target markets for Grober Company are the State Parks which deals with recreational and body fitness services to a large number of customers. According to Chen (2011), the incorporation of physical activities with recreational activities and leisure is the most preferred physical fitness services by most people. The company aims to provide quality body fitness equipment and other recreational facilities such as the construction of swimming pools and to provide qualified experts. Additionally, the company aims at the provision of guidance and counseling to teenage by creating special interests clubs. These recreational and health centers will benefit through encouraging people in participating in activities that reduce obesity, depression, and development of important life skill.

            Development of marketing channels is essential to the success of any business. Different organizations develop products and services that align with various tastes and preferences of different customers. Thus, consumers need to identify the potential companies who can satisfy their needs fully through multiple tactics of awareness created by the respective companies. On the other hand, companies are required to be aggressive in the creation of products awareness through the most convenient channels to improve their sales.  The various strategies that Grober intends to employ include market segmentation, social media, and web page. Market segmentation is the identification of groups of customers with the same products requirements and features as well as conventional purchasing habits (Hasani, 2013). The strategy will enhance the company’s ability to classify their customers under demographic factors such as age, class, and locations. Additionally, Grober will be able to categorize their market into homogenous groups who have similar products requirements and preferences.

            Social network marketing is a strategy that involves consumers as participants rather than observers in the medial social marketing. According to Toor, Husnain, and Husnain T (2017), the innovative approach consumer and brands are connected without limitation of time, means of communication or even location. There has been an increased use of social media which provides a substantial opportunity for Grober Company to interact with youths and other potential users on the use of body fitness products. Additionally, the development of a web page is a consideration for the company in creating awareness of their products to different customers. The approach will enhance the company’s ability to promote and create awareness of their products and services in the health industry. The use of web page will ensure that the company can manage their customers’ requirements along with consumer engagement.

            The company will need consultative and credible sales professionals to achieve and maintain customer loyalty. According to Alrubaiee (2012), consultative selling is a process that involves the provision of information that will enable customers making informed decisions. Thus, Grober has to ensure salespeople are trained to acquire various skills that give customized solutions along with adding value to the customers. The business to business relationship requires the salesperson to have expertise which is perceived to provide solutions that add value to customers. These adaptive selling approaches entail the creation of partnership relationship between salespersons and customers through application of conflict management skills.

            Additionally, Grober Company should ensure that it concentrates on substantial rethinking on the various policies and strategies that are required while selecting, training, and motivating the sale person. According to Alrubaiee(2012), the selection and recruitment policies should be based on the analysis of various factors such as vocational esteem, customer orientation, consideration of future sale consequences, and reward orientations. The other step in improving sales person’s ability to motivate customers is the development of controlling and appraising systems for the sales force that provides incentives that are based on behaviors. The approach will ensure that sales force observes ethical principles that lead to motivation and desire of customers to purchase the various products and services.


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