The Impact of the Mongol Empire on the World

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The Mongol Empire: A Game Changer

The Mongol empire was the greatest kingdom that influenced most aspects of the current civilization. The territory originated from efforts and leadership of Genghis Khan, who created the vast spreading empire during the early 1200AD(History). The empire ruled over Japan's islands, Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Mongolia and Indochina. It grew in size so fast that due to its complexity and size it quickly dissolved. The essay will elucidate how the Mongols changed the world.

Invasions and Connections

Through invading into vast territories, the Mongols significantly changed the world. In most regions they conquered, they established long-lasting peace since there were reduced conflicts and territorial conquest. Through invasions, most areas were opened up, and connections were established, this made traversing between these regions easier hence people were able to move from one area to another. While expanding their empires, the Mongols acquired different skills from the diverse areas. Such skills combined with knowledge enhanced and developed skills which spread throughout the region of the empire, this promoted the innovation and technological advancement within the empire(Kallie).

Innovation and Trade

The flow of information led to the progress in astronomy, mathematics, and medicines. It also led to the establishment of banking and insurance services all over the kingdom. Innovation and technological progress encouraged the Mongols to develop cities. The expansion of the empire enabled increased trade; the traders were able to travel without being attacked by bandits or hindrance. Through trade, more products spread throughout the empire, more networks were established and knowledge increasingly spread. In an effort to reduce the distance between trade routes within the region, the traders discovered navigation through building ships and traversing in the open seas(Kallie).


To conclude, the Mongol invasion may have led to massive destruct of human life and territories; it also changed the world through development, innovation, the spread of scientific knowledge and trade.

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November 13, 2023


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