The Importance of Leadership

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As a logistical officer in the military I would like to advance my career so that I can become an important and a well-versed person in society. Coming from a background where my family values education, I would like to take a higher position in my work environment that requires further education. I am always satisfied with the work I undertake but I always aim higher to be just like my peers. I have come to realize that managing large firms requires a high level of innovation and creativity. Being a manager in my section has helped me to develop a passion and a lot of special interest in managing large firms. This desire has made me have great interests in upgrading my career so that I can be able to handle diverse challenges that might occur in the business.

I would like to advance in the business field as each and every company requires managers and accountants. Currently, there is a high demand for those individuals who perform well in their exams and having a job experience is a plus while applying for the jobs. There is a need for one to specialize in the units that are marketable so as to remain relevant in the job market.

I am a committed and organized individual who is motivated and knowledgeable. I am a team leader and an attentive listener who is ready to give customers my undivided attention. My purpose is to express my persistence, team management expertise and dynamic personality by prospecting and applying my extensive knowledge to exceed my customer's expectations and by building a powerful network of contacts. I believe that people or prospective customers and clients would want to engage and conduct business with me because I come off very professional and to the point.

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