The Importance of Smartphone Based Cancer Screening Device in Saudi Arabia

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Abdulrehman Aglosaibi G.T.C is a private company in the medical sector dealing with medical equipment and devices. Abdulrehman Aglosaibi G.T.C is one of the many Saudi Arabian companies that supply healthcare equipment and instruments. It caters for physicians, hospitals, and clinics within Saudi Arabia. The company has showcased its prowess in the healthcare industry since its inception in the 1940’s. The company is headquartered in all major regions of the Kingdom from its branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Al-Khobar. The company is a pioneer in the field and has largely diversified to become one of the largest in the field today. The company has three units which include the pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical & scientific divisions. The pharmaceutical division is considered to be the largest that creates the structure for the company and deals with all aspects of human healthcare. The medical & scientific division supplies most of the medical equipment that is up to date thereby allowing them to maintain a distinctive market presence in the competitive field. The veterinary department deals with the supply of vaccines and analgesics in the growing market. The company’s goal is to provide a novel experience with unique products to satisfy the growing market while also after-sale support to its customers. Abdulrehman Aglosaibi G.T.C is managed by world-class professionals who are recruited and sourced some of the leading brands, and skilfully trained sales team provide the brand partners full product support for creating and increasing market segment in Saudi Arabia.

Problem Statement

With the constant growth of the market in the region, there has been an increase in the demands for the goods and services offered by Abdulrehman Aglosaibi G.T.C. With cancer being a problem that faces everybody young and old regardless, there has been an increase in discoveries and gadgets that help in screening for the disease. Most screenings are usually expensive but with the new smartphone based cancer screening device has been designed, screening can be done at a relatively cost-effective amount and within the confines of one’s home.

The demand for these smartphones by the growing market makes this gadget a lucrative business prospects in response to the growing market within KSA. The gadget will do well in the market especially in the rural areas and the developing places where not much development has occurred, and the screening services for cancer are costly or hard to attain.

Proposed Solution

The recent increase in market demand has prompted Abdulrehman Aglosaibi G.T.C to extend its healthcare products, services, and distribution plans to rural areas while also looking into expanding its products. The Company is committed to continuing its exploration of novel ways and means to serve villages and towns away from large metropolitan areas with the smartphone gadget. The gadget is non-perishable making it suitable for little risk attached to it. The move to expand operations in more rural settings within Saudi Arabia is prompted by the growing populace in these regions which means there is greater demands for products in such areas and the costly fee that people have to pay to get a screening for cancer. In addition to this, Abdulrehman Aglosaibi G.T.C seeks to set up shop in this villages to enhance their access to these gadgets and their services.

Pricing Estimate

    Looking at the vast market base that the company will be providing for, the company will need a large warehouse to transact its businesses. Start-up capital for the warehouse will roughly be 500m Saudi Riyal. This will cater for the office supplies such as fifteen office desks and chairs, seven desktop computers, files pens books among others. Half the amount of the capital will be used in purchasing the smart gadgets for the screening purposes while the remaining amount will be used to cater for the licensing of the business and looking for the appropriate papers and employees required to work within the organization. 


Abdulrehman Aglosaibi G.T.C. Retreieved From;  Accessed On June-10, 2012.

January 19, 2024


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