The Importance of Strategic Planning in an Organization

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According to Oxford dictionary, point-counterpoint refer to ‘The alternation of points in opposition or contrast to one another; a debate, argument, or match in which points for two opposing sides are made in succession.’ People with a common interest may come together and agree about something, to achieve a beneficial goal that is long lasting. Given this, research was conducted which arouse different arguments, this comprises, whether strategic planning is productive and also whether companies should operate in and send employees to rough areas.

Is Strategic Planning Being Productive?

The research was argued that every strategic plan which is well communicated in an organization is always productive and effective. A strategic plan gives empowerment to stakeholders and employees since it acts as a valuable guide that directs them on where and why something happens. The most important is the information that is within the strategic plan and the process used to make the strategic plan which is then shared in the organization and communicated. Re-evaluation of a strategic plan should be done quarterly a year or yearly (Hapsari, Stoffers & Gunawan, 2017).

Every strategic plan of an organization has steps that determine their vision, mission, and goals. Vision consists of the directions of an organization. The mission includes of what someone is supposed to do and who they are doing for. Relatively, goals refer to guiding one’s strategy to be where a person wants to be and ways to measure it. Basing on counterpoint, ideas are the foundation of debates. Policies with evidence that are in varied to support views can lead to an argument since everybody considers himself or herself to be right (Hapsari, Stoffers & Gunawan, 2017).

 A strategic plan can be implemented ineffectively in situations when planners in an organization lack to agree among themselves about the proper directions of a company and the state analysis.  When a company emphasis more of few opportunities and more threat than more strengths and less weakness it can result in the unreliability of strategies for the growth of an organization. A company has the best environment for the management to be in full control of a strategic plan applied. However, the research also considers that having a change for the sake of benefiting another variation is a conventional strategic thinking and a good strategy for an organization (Hapsari, Stoffers & Gunawan, 2017).

Should Companies Operate in And Send Employees to Rough Areas?

 On the other hand, basing on the research outcome that was conducted, it confirms that companies should not send their employees by force to work in violent areas. A working place that is harsh results to clear prediction of low performance of employees in their working field. In the study, it was suggested that a workplace that has war outbreak and conflicts, employers should give more attention to these regions. This is to create a suitable environment where the employees will be more productive. Most employees become stressed up when instructed to perform certain jobs in an unconducive climate (Daniels, Radebaugh, and Sullivan,2018).

 In the research, it was found that most employees are comfortable to perform their duties when they are ready. Training of employees by their employers plays a significant role in preparing them psychologically and mentally to complete tasks. A person becomes prepared to accomplish a goal only when trained. Also, an organization can increase their profit and productivity when they teach their workers well.  A manager of a company should foster information about the needs for a better social network among the employees. This helps promote intra-personal relationship when they are in their working areas, hence, enhancing coexistence and adaptability. Moreover, employees in rough areas should work in their preferred manner as long as they perform their work effectively as per required by the company (Daniels, Radebaugh, and Sullivan,2018).

In the study, they also confirmed that the relationship between employee’s performance and the workplace is of great significance. Policies must be implemented that consist of having better-adapted technology that results to growth and fulfillment of individual and economic development. Employees who prefer working in rough areas should be protected by the company and considerations of giving them less task should be implemented for the sake of an upright production outcome (Daniels, Radebaugh, and Sullivan,2018).


In conclusion, a good strategic plan emphasizes the environment of the company, stress towards positive change and emphasis qualitative measures that are essential to the organization. Every strategic plan governs an organization vision, mission, and goals. Basing on the research finding, on whether employees to should be sent in rough areas, it can be confirmed that violent places influence the performance of employees.


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January 19, 2024

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