The Importance of Taking Courses That Are Not Directly Related to One's Career

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Value of Taking Courses Not Directly Related to One's Career

It is common to hear several college graduates and undergraduates complain that no need of taking courses such as history, art or math which have no impacts on their careers. It is one of the manifestations that is an ongoing battle as some argues that such courses are irrelevant while others support the idea claiming that the courses are valuable to one's personal life irrespective of the career. The most concern is whether to drop these courses due to their irrelevance to many careers or accommodate them to improve an individual's personal life. The aim of the paper is to address the value of taking such courses that are not directly related to their careers.

Fulfilling Cultural and Civic Responsibilities

Despite having no impact on the career of an individual course such as history, art or math are valuable since they enable one to fulfil his or her cultural as well as civic responsibilities. Such courses such as history provide an understanding of political, ethical, ideological and moral forces. According to Tilus, in his article, ‘The importance of General Education,' he argues that, for society to be successful, it depends on charity, civility, altruism, generosity, and compassion (Tilus). The courses thus play a bigger role in evaluating and emphasizing the importance and functions of such characteristics. Aesthetic value is an important aspect of different students and is not provided in industry or academia but through these courses. The courses introduce the students to the aesthetic value which is meaningful to life and understanding of such the characteristics such as charity and generosity.

Enhancing Familiarity with Creative Ideas and Great Minds

Taking of such courses such as history, math or art also enhances the familiarity of an individual with the application of creative ideas outside their careers and great minds. History and art open the mind of an individual in understanding the society and human nature (Tilus). Some experts and activists argue that no need of an individual to understand the human nature and should rely on the bible. In answering the aspect, various researchers have shown that reading the bible is one of the ways of encouraging history since the events in the bible are based on historical facts. Hence it is evident that history plays an important role in enhancing the way in which individual understands the society and human nature.

Expanding the Scope of Creativity and Innovation

Also, history and art introduce the individual to ideas and thoughts outside their careers and widen the scope of one's ability to find new directions and creativity. For instance, the development of evolution theory by Charles Darwin was based on understanding history and art outside his main career. In his writings, Darwin elaborates that what assisted him in developing his theory is the knowledge that he had from the theory of Malthus which was based on Population theory (Dalbert). This shows that understanding courses, outside one's career, can enable an individual to come up with creative ideas which can enhance different innovations as well inventions.

Developing High Arithmetic Level and Critical Thinking

Understanding of these courses especially math also helps one to develop high arithmetic level which thus expands the ability in problem-solving and critical thinking. Through developing the technical and arithmetic skills, one can apply them in real-life situations and tackle various problems that are at hand. An individual's ability to think critically is also improved through handling of technical ideas. Jones in his article, the importance of Art, shows that most individuals who do a lot of Math, have no problem with problem-solving, "To enhance your ability in critical thinking and problem-solving, you need to do at least one sum in a day" (Jones).

Strengthening Ability to Work with Others and Effective Communication

Courses such as history, art or math are valuable since they strengthen one's ability to work with others and communicate effectively. Based on historical facts, an individual can understand how effective a relationship has been developed and how to associate with a different group of individuals. Learning of these courses also improves one's communication ability directly by understanding different languages. Since art involves the study of different and foreign languages, it improves the ability of an individual to be conversant with other languages, improving the manner in which they associate with different individuals from other countries, thus enhancing effective communication and the way in which they socialize.

Enhancing Globalization and Cultural Practices

Although people assume English to be the universal language applied in many careers, understanding foreign languages is vital since it widens the scope with which an individual can interact with the different environment. Understanding of these languages is not based on one's career but the understanding of these courses which include history or art. Understanding foreign languages makes an individual learn foreign cultures which, in turn, enhances globalization. Learning of foreign cultures is also vital as it improves the lifestyles of individuals by incorporating different habits and practices. According to Henry Jones in his article, ‘Importance of Art,' he elaborates that understanding foreign culture is another way of improving the ability of an individual to solve and make appropriate cultural practices (Jones).


In conclusion, despite different arguments by college and university undergraduates that courses such as history, art or math are irrelevant and of no value, it is evident that these courses play a major role in improving one's lifestyle and progress irrespective of the career. By understanding these courses, communication, critical thinking, decision making, ability on how individual interacts is highly improved. Learning of these courses is, therefore, necessary to enhance effective lifestyle and globalization.

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August 21, 2023

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