The Job Application Process

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There are several stages to the career application process. The phrase applies to the sequence of acts that must be taken before determining a work opportunity and obtaining the subject job opportunity. The individual's performance in the recruiting process can be mainly determined by their commitment to the work application process. They should take a series of systematic steps to ensure that the procedure is not hampered by unexpected obstacles.
Conducting research on the assigned work is the first step in the job application process. Research on the job elements should be committed to the examination of the skills that are required by the potential employers to ensure that one’s skills respond to the requirements of the job group. Research should also be committed to the examination of the nature of the company to ensure that one’s skills matches with the requirements of the company or organization they wish to apply for. Some of the questions that one needs to consider in researching on the company and the job include: What is the Company specialized in? What will be the duties of the individuals in the position that is being advertises? What are the skills that are needed? And lastly, who are the stakeholders in the organization? Getting a sense of the mission and value systems, which are engaged within the company, provides one with the information to determine whether their character reflects the character that is required in the job position.

Write a Resume

The next step in the job application process comprises the writing and development of the resume. It is necessary for one to structure their resume in a clear and organized manner to facilitate the dissemination of information on one’s accomplishments in a clear and discernible manner. Within the resume, one should communicate their educational backgrounds, their contact and address information, their work history as well as the relevant skills that would augment their efficiency in the subject job position. The preparation of the resume should be predicated on the metrics of honesty and accountability. One should engage information that is true and can be validated with evidences such as certificates. Additionally, the applicant must ensure that the information included in the resume mirrors their formal rather than informal lives. A resume is a true account of the individuals academic and formal experiences which makes them relevant to the given job opportunity.

Preparing a Cover Letter

The next step in the job application process entails the preparation of a cover letter. A cover letter should be brief and informative. It should be clearly structured and tailored to reflect the job position that is on offer within the given company. The cover letter should detail the academic and work-related accomplishments of the individual. It is a justification explaining why the individual is the most appropriate fit for the given job opportunity. Each job opportunity will require a different cover letter to ensure that it reflects the specifications that were detailed in the job opportunity.


After the creation of the CV and the resume, these documents should be sent together to the hiring department in the subject organization. Once they have been dispatched, the applicant may then be compelled to wait for a response from the hiring organization. In the event of a failure in response, the applicant should contact the hiring organization to inquire about the progress of their application. If the application is accepted, then they should prepare themselves for an interview on the indicated day.

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