The Joint Committee on Law and Climate

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I assume we are living in bizarre times, marked by varying conceptions of a stable environment. However, with analysts emphasizing the sharp rise in human population beyond the earth's carrying power, the issue of environmental protection works in combination with climatic change. The evolving pattern endangers biogeochemical processes, which change atmospheric conditions by amplifying warming and cooling effects (Moving Toward Zero Energy Homes in California: The "green" House Effect Makes Sense in the Golden State). Nonetheless, I consider the ever-shifting paradigm in the climate model as a call to action. Therefore, the need for stringent domestic legislative measures, debated and argued in our parliament, remain the last force to the regulation of emissions into the atmosphere.

Scientists claim climate change is caused by variations in solar energy reaching the earth, changing the reflectivity of the atmosphere and the greenhouse. Whereas the first two factors are natural, people play a significant role in increasing the heat retention of the air, also known as greenhouse effect. Loads of emissions, mainly methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) play an integral role in creating the greenhouse effect on earth("Causes of Climate Change | Climate Change Science | US EPA"). Additionally, the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and emissions from power stations, for instance, geothermal plants possess an increasing formidable threat to the integrity of climate.

Taking into the account the scale of effects associated with climatic change reveals the lack of strict bills and laws to regulate the vice. Additionally, it remains relevant to highlight that leaving the situation unchecked threatens the core existence of life. The melting polar caps, heat waves, droughts, and rainstorms continue just handful effects of adverse climate change. The loss of life due to adverse atmospheric conditions influences the adoption of systems to moderate harm and exploits arising opportunities.

Today we have one stoppable enemy before us. The application of the right ammunition in this fight, however, not only revolutionizes the definition of conservation but also reinforces the meaning of preservation and prevention. Through rigorous disasters risk assessments and adoption of risk management parameters through the existing bills, the vulnerability of our nationals to climate-related risks reduces whereas boosting sustainable development.

The emergence of regulatory and market friendly laws highlights the lack of an in-depth legal analysis of the climate change. With regulatory measures being scarce and limited especially in the different jurisdiction, the issue remains wholly regulated by international frameworks hell bent on the regulation of (Green House Gases) GHGs. The evidence of such endeavors presents themselves in the form of conventions such as the Kyoto Protocol and the 1992 United Nations Framework (Massai113). Although, the by-law restriction on volumes of emission signifies a significant step towards curbing climate change turning a blind eye to PowerStation emanations and logging does less to encourage conservation. Furthermore, with adoption proper waste disposal, use of renewable energy and decommission of power plants posing serious economic ramification the espousal of a lenient framework often ends up being the best solution.

I believe the war against climate change will never be won through fighting from one front. Therefore, the involvement of other stakeholders in the matter remains relevant in ensuring extensive and efficient jurisprudence. Albeit, most multinational companies, are the leading perpetrators of the crime, the involvement such organizations in workshops on alternatives sources of energy offers them with specific opportunities to explore other options. Additionally, the education of the public on conservation of the environment inspires a renewed oomph towards the preservation of natural resources and habitats.

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October 25, 2022
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