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The Kellogg Company is a multinational food manufacturing corporation headquartered in Battle Creek, Michigan. Its name is a nod to its humble beginnings, and the company is still one of the world's most successful brands today. Its products include cereal, cookies, pretzels, and milk. Kellogg has been around since 1884 and its products have won awards, including the Nobel Prize for literature, the James Beard Foundation Award, and many more.

Originally, Kellogg concentrated on breakfast cereals. But as the company expanded, they expanded into other product categories, including tea and desserts. By the 1970s, they purchased Salada Foods, Fearn International, Mrs. Smith's Pie Company, and Murray's. The company has also expanded its global presence by investing in the snack business, which will now generate $11.4 billion by 2021. Its plan to diversify its product lines includes a plant-based breakfast division and a frozen breakfast division.

The family moved to Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1856. Ellen White groomed John Harvey Kellogg to play a key role in the church. At age twelve or thirteen, she hired Kellogg to be her publishing company's "printer's devil," a term given to apprentice printers in the days when typesetting was done by hand and printing presses were noisy. There, he discovered his talent for composing balanced, clear sentences.

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As a physician, Kellogg was a first-rate medical doctor. He ran medical programs for the Whites denomination. He also attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and the Bellevue Hospital Medical College in New York. With time on his hands, he began to think about the nutritional value of a ready-to-eat cereal. Kellogg and Will worked together to develop a product that could be easily digested by the average person.

The company's refusal to negotiate with the union has left workers uneasy. Workers at the company have argued that the company's first tentative contract only offered a 3 percent raise and a capped path to "legacy wage status."

Kellogg MBA tuition costs $76,368 for the 2021-2022 academic year. These prices include housing, textbooks, and other costs. Students with financial need are eligible for need-based scholarships and tuition waivers. Once admitted to the school, Kellogg automatically considers corporate diversity scholarships. The program has a diverse student body and many alumni with varied backgrounds. The Kellogg MBA program attracts a diverse range of students.

Student-driven innovations are an important aspect of the Kellogg MBA program. The Global Initiatives in Management program, which was first developed by students, was started by a student-initiated trip to the Soviet Union in 1990. This innovative spirit persists with a greater vision. Students can even manage a team of consultants while at the school. A recent addition to this program is the Dean's Consulting Alliance, which allows students to manage a group of consultants.

As consumers increasingly opt for non-cereal breakfasts, the company has been expanding its portfolio of healthier products. A recent example of this strategy is a computer game called Mission Nutrition. The game allowed users to play as Tony the Tiger, Coco the monkey, or Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Talking games use a microphone to allow the user to play a game using voice commands. Talking Tony features Tony the Tiger, while Toucan Sam is a fictional character.

While the acceptance rate for Kellogg's MBA program is 20%, it should be viewed in context with the profile of a potential student. The average GMAT score for first-year entrants in 2021 was 727, with a median of 630 to 780. Despite the fact that the MBA program is selective, it's still a solid choice. While acceptance rates are largely based on your GMAT score, there are no restrictions on GRE scores.

The MBA program at Kellogg typically lasts two years. It includes a summer internship. There are also one-year programs for students with no prior business background. Full-time students attend classes during fall, winter, and spring, and pursue their internships during summer term. A one-year MBA is also available, but students must complete all four quarters to graduate. It also provides a weekend MBA and an Executive MBA. There are also a number of MBA dual degree programs at Kellogg, including an MMM/MSD in Design Innovation, and JD-MBA-MBA in partnership with Pritzker School of Law.

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In 2012, Kellogg purchased Pringles from Procter & Gamble for $2.7 billion. Pringles was the world's second-largest supplier of savory snacks. The deal complemented Kellogg's purchase of Worthington Foods for $307 million. This acquisition boosted the international snacks business and allowed Kellogg to diversify its business model into new areas. Kellogg also acquired Ritmo Investimentos, a Brazilian food conglomerate. The company had approximately $190 million in net sales.

June 29, 2022

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