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Learning institutes accept students from various backgrounds in order to educate them. Students interact with one another both within and outside of the classroom. Because kids are not always with their professors, especially outside of the classroom, numerous things can happen to individual students. This may compel them to come up with solutions for themselves." "School bullying is the victimization and intimidation of students in a school environment by other students."" This remark is correct because bullying is typically perpetrated by students, particularly those in upper classes, against younger kids.  At the same time, we can find teachers bullying students when we consider the aspect of victimization that is always committed by teachers unto students.

"Nobody can prepare you to face all the issues you are likely to encounter when it comes to teenagers. Whether you work with teens or are trying to parent them, there are chances that you've encountered a few things that you felt completely unprepared or ill-equipped to deal with". It is true there is nobody who will ever be prepared for the mystery that will ever find them in life. This is the point where teens also learn ways out on how to survive. This situation enables the students to solve problems among themselves and learn how to avoid problems with others. Luck of preparations enables individuals to develop skills on how to survive with people from different background. This text is meant to enable readers to understand that they will never be prepared for everything in life others we have to go through to develop solutions for ourselves.

Bullying is a problem that is faced in all the schools around the globe and in many cases occurs between two students or a group one being powerful than the other. This is a major problem in the social life of children, and it affects their life socially, physically and mentally. "Bullying worldwide has increased somatic complaints, depression, anxiety, school refusal, and lowered self-esteem in students who are victims." I agree with the statement. Many students end up dropping out of school or seek a transfer from their schools because they are unable to deal with the situations they are facing. Many students perform dismally in their academic work because of a lot of depression they are undergoing. This has not only affected them in school but also in their future life where an individual has developed lack of self-esteem. This act may also lead to mental illnesses and other conditions like pressure due to stress. Other conditions that the victims may suffer from are insomnia, headaches, fatigue, bed-wetting, and much more problems.

"In a situation where someone cannot stand for themselves, they are prone to becoming victims. Social withdrawal and shyness in expectation of bullying can be associated with peer rejection which occurs due to victimization". Many students who have been perceived to be inferior are always in trouble if you cannot be able to defend yourself. This I personally experienced when I joined high school. The senior students could demand some things that are impossible to do, and you may wonder how to go about them. Many students who are victims also are not able to report these issues to the school administration due to fear. Personally, I stood firm, and I did not allow such kind of bullying and victimizations, and once you resist such kind, they will fear you and try to win you on their team. The best decision to make at this point is to defend the individuals who are still facing the problem.

The school administration should find ways out to deal with bullying in the school. They should create forums of educating the students on the effects of bullying and victimization of fellow students. The institutions should draft a set of clear and enforceable school rules and expectations to the students who are found bullying other students. The institution should also reward students who have practiced good behavior towards both teachers and students. The schools and even the state should set the age group where children should begin their education. The teachers need to keep a continuous engagement with the parents about their children and frequently allow them to come to school. This engagement will enable the school to build and improve the character of the students especially the perpetrators. "Children from low socioeconomic status families, child abuse, harsh home environments, divorce or separation, or authoritarian parenting styles, are more likely to be bullied and victimized." This statement is true the type of parenting will determine the life and character of a student in the school. When we view the life of Adolf Hitler how he was brought up, led to the development of a bully, dictator, and a murderer. Therefore parents should also be cautious about how they conduct themselves.

Work cited

Gerali, S. (2009). What Do I Do when Teenagers Encounter Bullying and Violence? (Vol. 2). Zondervan.

April 26, 2023


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