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The mayor of the city of Hollywood Josh Levy

Josh Levy, the mayor of Hollywood, fires Commissioner Bo Dixie. His dismissal is the result of his contentious vote against the name reform. Dixie becomes irritated and begins to drink. Dixie owns a stake in the sign firm. The corporation has secured a competition to delete the city signage. As a result, he could not take part in the election process.
The former commissioner, 56, is not sorry for failing to speak out on his control of the organization. Instead, he blames the sensitivity of the people. “People are so damn emotional these days,” he thinks. He is, however, dissatisfied with the fact that the streets will be renamed. He says, “It is just a travesty that we are losing all these nods to history.”

Despite his sacking, he bows not to go down without a fight. He feels that the city of Hollywood terminated his contract wrongfully. He tells me, “They have not seen the last of me. I am suing those sons-a-bitches for wrongful termination”


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October 07, 2021

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