The mayor of the city of Hollywood Josh Levy

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Josh Levy, the mayor of Hollywood, fires Commissioner Bo Dixie. His dismissal is the result of his contentious vote against the name reform. Dixie becomes irritated and begins to drink. Dixie owns a stake in the sign firm. The corporation has secured a competition to delete the city signage. As a result, he could not take part in the election process.
The former commissioner, 56, is not sorry for failing to speak out on his control of the organization. Instead, he blames the sensitivity of the people. “People are so damn emotional these days,” he thinks. He is, however, dissatisfied with the fact that the streets will be renamed. He says, “It is just a travesty that we are losing all these nods to history.”

Despite his sacking, he bows not to go down without a fight. He feels that the city of Hollywood terminated his contract wrongfully. He tells me, “They have not seen the last of me. I am suing those sons-a-bitches for wrongful termination”

Affluence and Time
The society glorifies the rich. If a person has money, he could do whatever he wants, live wherever, and belong to exclusive clubs that his qualifications may fall short of. That is today’s society, hence the common notion that every individual has a price. The value of money has always fluctuated, and people who are wealthy have been treaded as individuals who belong to a higher social order, for whom other people will do anything to please. The life of billionaires is depicted in two different socioeconomic times by two movies that were produced half a century apart. Easy Living (1937) and Wall Street (1987). The former represents life as it was before the runaway industrial expansion in economics, science, and technology; the early 20th century. The latter depicts the kind of life that is almost similar to today’s world. The two movies represent certain values that remain fundamentally true about how the world economy runs. 
The movie Easy Living was produced at the time when key economic figures were investment bankers, who mostly came from a line of wealth. It was a world in which one had to be born wealthy in order to retain the wealth and pass it on. In the movie, when John Ball talks to his son about responsibilities, he admits that he still depended on his parents’ money at the age of 26. He argues that his son is equally stupid as he was. In the contrast, Mary Smith, who was in the same age bracket as John Ball Jr., had to work daily in order to fend for herself. The technology disrupt came right after the World War II, when companies such as IBM and Hewlett-Packard began to expand at runaway rates, while new ones such as Oracle came up. At this time, the common story became about venture capitalists who funded ideas and into enormous profits  . Most of these ideas were brought up by young, brilliant individuals who had one thing in common; they were determined to disobey all of the previously established laws of ‘fitting in.’ Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and many others, were founded by individuals who did not come from wealthy families. They struggled with passion and ended up with billions of dollars to their name. This is the kind of life that Wall Street depicts- the life of a young man being mentored by crucial industrial players who see talent in them. 
Gordon Gekko is a self-made billionaire who made his money through real estates. He When Bud Fox, a young man from an average American family that struggles with mortgages and loans approaches him for business, the business Don takes him under his wing. He teaches him tricks of survival on Wall Street; the biggest of them being insider trading. He says that information is priceless, and one who has it controls the world (Stone). When He promises to help him make enormous fortunes, which he eventually does. Gordon’s expression about information is seen to be true in the real world. A closer look at the world’s richest individuals, there is a common trait- they are technology inventors who are self-made. Also, they are all white. Information that drives the world is generated and controlled in the USA, from where these billionaires hail. Silicon Valley changed the rules of the economic game; one no longer has to come from a wealthy background in order to attain affluence (Rehn). 
The place of women in the society has always been reserved for the better-half companions who are to be enticed by fame, and fortune. This character is shown in the film Easy Living, in a clear manner, when Mary Smith receives unwarranted favors for her association with the rich man J. B. Ball. The fact that the events surprise her show that the society is geared towards winning favors, respect, and deals by enticing better halves of successful men. She is hosted at no cost at an exclusive hotel, and the newspaper publishes a story that she is dating ‘The Bull of Broad Street’ (Leisen). This film expresses the fact that women do not need any special qualities or privileged births in order to become wealthy and famous. They are whom they choose to associate with, unlike men who, somehow, need certain characteristics. In the movie Wall Street, women are used as a sign to depict success of a man. When Fox makes his first successful trade for Mr. Gordon, the latter sends a woman to pleasure him. When he approaches Ms. Darien Taylor, Gordon openly tells him that she has a price, and her current partner in her relationship has a lot of money. Fox, when talking to her, had already established this fact, that he needed money in order to date her, and had played right into it by saying that he would be shifting residence to a more affluent area. 
There are many things that are present in the world today that represent the difference between the present and the past. Some of them include the philosophy of wealth acquisition and principles of life. However, certain things have hardly changed. The two reference films clearly show these differences and similarities. 

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