The Media selection problem

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The choosing of the best media that a company should employ for advertising is referred to as a "media selection challenge." An organization in this issue is focused on maximizing profits. Organizations decide whether to use a certain media channel depending on two factors. It may decide to be objective in order to reach the largest possible audience. It may also decide to cut back on advertising expenses. The use of linear programs (LP) can assist organizations in choosing the media channels with the lowest advertising costs. The LP may also assist the organization in determining the media that will best reach its entire target demographic. The media option that leads to a high number of the audience or that reaches a large number of people become the best option for the advertising business.

Linear programming can help to identify the media channel that maximizes the number of audiences. Assuming that a presidential candidate has $40,000 to use in his last-minute campaign to reach as many people as possible. He has two channels to use that is radio and television. A single radio advertisement cost $200 and can reach up to 3000 people while a television ad cost $500 and has the potential to reach 7000 people. The candidate has stipulated to his campaign manager that he as to use at least ten ads of each type. He has also mentioned that the number of radio ads must be at least greater than the number of television advertisements. The Manager can formulate the following linear programming equation to determine the maximum number of people he can reach to with the ads

Maximize audience = 3000x +7000y

Subject to:

x +y =>10

200x + 500y y

x, y>0 (non-negativity)

April 13, 2023

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