The modern instructional strategies

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The new teaching methods used vary from those I used in my elementary schools. The previous teaching methods were aimed at learning the idea as it was learned, for example, mastering the fundamental principles and being able to read them through. Learning to read in primary school was combined with a lot of repetition and memorization of terms to ensure they stuck and a lot of teacher compliance. Near reading, according to Douglas Fisher (2017), is ideally suited to interpreting a topic through careful study and relying on significant facts or even patterns to establish a deep and accurate understanding. The elementary learning was not as deep and focused as the close reading embraced at higher learning. The basic strategies for mastering concepts at lower levels of reading are also acceptable depending on the age and level of education (Boyles, 2013). Close reading is highly recommended for carrying forward into teaching practices since it encourages proper and deeper understanding of the critical context. Going forward in teaching career should be embraced with more research, evidence-based teaching and embracing a student-focused teaching (NCEE, 2010).

Close reading complements other reading strategies suggested in this topic. For students who are struggling, they can embrace close reading to understand the context of the material before engaging other reading materials. Close reading emphasizes on breaking down the large text into smaller parts to derive meaning (Beers & Probst, 2013). Teachers encourage students to embrace approaches that enhance their understanding of concepts. Cognitive tools are highly recommended in addition to embracing closed reading to improve comprehension of materials. While reading comprehension strategies may favor emerging or even struggling readers, there should be more emphasis on the capacity to analyze, and derive meaning from reading contexts (Houck, 2017). Close reading therefore complements the reading comprehension strategies.


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November 03, 2022

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