The narrator of the story is a female character

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The story's narrator is a female character. She seems to be possessed by TV viewing, with her entire life revolved around it. Her fondness for television is obvious since it is the platform from which she obtains critical knowledge and passes the time. Several character traits that can be used to describe her can be gleaned from her narration, including the following: being fun-loving, observant, patient, human, attentive, judgmental, vigilant, and hardworking.

The narrator is lighthearted, and she seems to be energetic, playful, and spirited. Her commitment to wasting time watching tv demonstrates the same. Despite having a lot to do, she spends her evenings having fun through watching television with her family. The article states that she stays on the television till late hours. She says that the story is made more interesting by the silence of the night. She understands all the TV programs which show that she enjoys having fun through watching that makes her stay out at night. She does not seem to be fascinated by just staying idle or going early to sleep, but she is happy when passing the time through TV watching. The TV seems to be a good platform for her to relax as she states that her day while tired turns to be strange and turn into a movie. Hence, the TV is a platform for the narrator to have fun and relax from the day’s tiresomeness.


The narrator is quite emotional through her work. The narration shows how she is always carried away by the occurrence of events in the screens. For example, she demonstrates how her hearts beat in the investigative report or other sad aired program. She is not directly involved in the investigation, but the event affects her emotions by creating fear. Secondly, her smiling nature while watching the television is an indication that the TV sessions create happiness. Finally, the attraction to the male character is a sign that the narrator is human and she is affected emotionally by the program. Finally, the boredom that comes as a result of many advertisements and the buying is an indication of emotional effect. She tries to buy as much as she can to promote the advertisers despite questioning the products. This is to show that the advertisement affects the consumption behavior due to their effect on the emotions. Hence, it is evident that the narrator is emotional through the demonstration of happiness, boredom, fear, and interest. The emotions effects keep the narrator stuck to the television programs, and it is what colors the story.


The narrator demonstrates her patient through her fun having moments. For example, she talks about the many ads in the televisions which despite boring them she does not switch off the TV. She lets them pass while waiting for her favorite program. Hence, she patiently waits for her favorite program which she watches to the end. Secondly, she describes certain movies or programs that fascinate her which no matter how long they may be, she is stuck to them patiently till they come to an end. Finally, she states that she watches her favorite programs till late nights despite the darkness and the cold. Hence, she handles her fun with a lot of calmness, withstands the cold, boredom, time and the late night fear to ensure her favorite programs do not pass her.


Being careful is one attribute that can describe the narrator. She can be said to take a lot of caution in her personal life and while watching television. For example, she says that there is a lot of advertisement on some goods that they are pressured to buying. The narrator states that she does not buy all of them which she may attribute to the financial constraints. The choice may as well be attributed to the lack of surely on the product. Hence, it is evident that she is careful on what she buys for consumption or personal use. Secondly, she makes choices on what she watches based on each member of the family’s preference. He chooses what is fascinating, clean and accommodative to those watching. She keeps switching on the TV to ensure her choice is wise and it will be accommodative to all the audiences. Hence, her character in taking caution is clear and evident that she is careful on what she buys as well as what she watches.


The narrator is very attentive. She stares on the television without any external destruction. She talks of how she falls in love with the anchor due to her attentiveness. The attentiveness makes her stay on the screen to the point of sleeping late at night. Also, she states that her daily life is transformed into a movie due to the continuous TV watching and been tied to the screens. That is to say that she is very attentive to the point of forgetting the daily activities. Also, the attentiveness creates emotions which lead to the audience’s smiles, fear and follow all the happenings in the programs. She can narrate every program she watches without fail which can be attributed to her ability to follow attentively. Hence, the narrator is very attentive which contributes to her ability to narrate the programs effectively, generate emotions and make her spend a lot of time on the TV.


From the narration, it is evident that she can be described as a well-informed lady. She knows all the programs that are available in the channels in the evening. She is also aware of what the children, husband and herself are more interested in in the channels which make her keep switching the televisions several times to ensure that they watch one that is more favorable to all of them. Also, while watching, she indicates of the plenty of advertisements that come on the screens, no matter bored she may be, it is clear that she gets to know about them. Finally, she indicates that she gets real satisfied with getting the next day’s weather. Hence, the narrator is well informed of the occurrences, the weather, the TV programs, and other things.


The narrator attributed the judgmental character in her work. She talks of how a mother stares at the male anchorman with the husband at a particular female reporter wishing that the camera could be drawn back to reveal her breasts. He demonstrates how different genders watch the movies to admire the actors and actresses despite them being poor actors. The taste and preferences differ among individuals; hence, her conclusion may not apply to all people. It is clear that the end of the context is not evidence based but more focused to the narrator’s judgment. Her conclusion might not be the case in some situations, and her insinuation may be wrong. Hence, it is clear that the narrator is judgmental despite lacking adequate information to conclude.


The narrator is said to watch the TV in the evening after a very tiresome day. Hence, she stares to the screens after the day of hard work, hence, the need of the TV to relax.


The narrator can be said to be very observant. She can notice when the women and men hearts melt while watching the TV. She states how her husband smiles till their eyes disappear while watching beautiful female actors. She is very observant on the actors or the actresses’ dressing and looks. For example, she talks about one of the actor’s bad teeth and their beauty. Hence, being observant is one essential trait that the actor can be attributed to.

Character Development and Growth

At the beginning of the article, the narrator seems to talk about the general aspects of things, but as we come to an end, she can do it more deeply. There is a lot of development that can be noticed through the work. Other examples, the attentiveness to the programs she is watching and development of other traits which could not be seen at the beginning.

Hence, there are plenty of character traits attributable to the actor which can be noticed from narration. They are inclusive of attentiveness, being careful, observant, judgmental, informed, patient, emotional and fun loving.

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