The No-Name-Grill Case Study

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Don had an opportunity to stop the events from happening. Those events have occurred because of a formal organizational structure development, by depicting the essential fundamentals od organizational structure of the firm employees at the grilling, and by stating clearly a written job opening description for all the employees at the grilling. This research is aimed to outline the structure of the organization and provide a job description for all the employees at the grilling. Don is suggested to apply all the following recommendations to stop those events from taking place again under his watch.

The very first thing for Don to do is come up with a list of organisational objectives for the mployees. Those objectives will play a vital role in development of the policies for the dinner club and are aimed to help find out the way the resources will be separated. Some of the dinner club’s or organisational objectives should include maximization of profits, excellent human relations, employee training, hotel food and beverage training, and societal contribution. Don should also create an organisational structure to help carry out the diner club’s daily operations. Each position should also have a detailed job description listing the primary tasks and responsibilities that has to be carried out by the employee working that specific position. Effective job descriptions help increase the productivity and efficiency of work. The No Name Grill’s organizational structure should be segmented into five divisions. Don is the General Manager. He should be the ultimate decision maker and in charge of managing the general direction of the diner club. He does not necessarily have to be part of the day-to-day operations, but he should play an active role in its operations. Below him are the Office manager, Human Resource manager, Sales manager and Operations manager. The Office manager’s functions include;

Developing and monitoring budgets of the restaurant,

Accounting of all cash receipts

Performing all payroll functions including providing information for payroll tax in financial statements, and check distribution. She is also in charge of designing cash security and disbursement systems reviews reports, and solving problems

Revenue collection.

The Operations manager’s functions are;

Day-to-day operations to ensure that the diner club runs smoothly.

Ensuring the diner club adheres to all legal requirements

Totalling daily receipts and collection of revenue.

consulting the chefs, supervisors, and staff.

Updating Don, the restaurant owner, on the diner club’s current affairs.

Tracking daily supplies.

Purchasing the diner club’s appliances

In charge of maintaining security.

The Human Resource manager is responsible for supervising scheduling, training, and hiring workers into positions of server, bartenders, and bouncer, promoting staff as well as administering disciplinary actions and checking work attendance of the dinner club’s staff. The Sales manager is responsible for selling the facilities that the diner club offers, to individuals and other organizations. He Controls advertising and marketing activities in a bid of selling food, beverages, and other special services that the diner club offers. The sales manager also meets with potential clients to plan and determine the price of events. The table below shows the organizational structure of the No Name Grill.














Don should take action against Jesse, Mary, and Carl Hawkins. They were all stealing from No Name Grill, consequently making life more difficult for Don and his employees. The first step that Don should take is inform the Hawkins family that he is aware of what they were doing. Don should clearly state that this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable. The Hawkins might deny the accusations made against them, and Don should show them all the surveillance footage of their misdeeds. Don should then ask the Hawkins family whether there was anyone else who helped them engage in fraudulent acts. If they refuse to cooperate, Don should explain that their unwillingness to come clean will only cause more harm to the dinner club, its employees and to the Hawkins family. Don should also ask the Hawkins family why they committed these fraudulent acts. It is crucial that Don does not inform the Hawkins family about any disciplinary actions yet. If the Hawkins become aware that they will lose their jobs and also face criminal charges, they might be resentful and refuse to come clean. However, if Don understands how the Hawkins were able to commit these fraudulent acts, they will be able to protect the diner club from future fraud. Once Don has all this information, he should do then explain to the Hawkins that their services will be terminated effective immediately. He should explain that he cannot give employees who steal from him a second chance as it might cause disastrous results in case they try to steal from him again. Don should then determine whether or not to press charges against the Hawkins. In my opinion, Don should press charges against the Hawkins because they stole a lot of money from him, and pressing charges will help prevent similar occurrences from happening in the future.


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