The Passion of The Christ

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Also known as ‘The Passion,’ The Passion of the Christ is a 2004 production movie that is based on the bible, hence a biblical drama. The film depicts the passion of Jesus, which is well narrated in the gospel books of the Bible (Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John). According to (), the movie focuses on the last twelve hours of Jesus Christ towards his crucifixion, and resurrection. Having watched the video and also being a Christian, the controversial film has overtime garnered both criticism and acclaim from the Christians and the favorite film lovers for Christian oriented films.

In the story of the death of Jesus Christ is an essential and sacred story concerning Christianity, the film depicted the central themes related to the occasion, such as mercy, justice, forgiveness, redemption, love, and transformation. Every actor or character in the film has a lesson to deliver to the viewers, such as a reflection of humanity. Concerning the movie, the primary or heart of the movie is the extent of the treatment of Jesus Christ during his last 12 hours of his mission work. Regarded and recognized among the Christians and the son of God, the suffering he undergoes is to close the gap between humankind and God. The movie more so, the death of Jesus Christ, Is an essential occurrence in Christianity calendars and hence the film can be regarded as a perfect reminder of the union between Christians and their God.

In the passion of the Christ, the aspect of physical pain comes out firmly and very clearly, which to some Christians was regarded as the primary emphasis. Their depiction of torture, and humiliation, also the movie is a depiction of the way things were during the time of Jesus as barbaric concerning the ones who were condemned for offenses such as treason. By its very fundamental nature, the film by Mel Gibson is ‘good news’ concerning the gospel as well as the fulfillment of the Isaiah 53 prophecy. The movie is a reflection of the Bible with different scenes triggering the readings in the bible. For example, Peter denies Jesus, which takes the viewer back to the reading when Peter had vowed his allegiance till death. In summary, the director and the film bring put a tone of respect and Jesus Christ adoration. Additionally, the movie isn’t preachy, but at the same time doesn’t ignore the significance of the role of the gospel. The spiritual aspect of the film can hardly be overlooked.

The most encouraging revelation in the film is the love for the people by the God. With the music in the movie being a noticeable feature of the movie. The director has correctly used the music aspect to create the mood from the background as it was powerful as well as melodic building suspense and drama. The music gives a scary feeling rhyming perfectly well with the movie set of pain and suffering. Composed by Debussy, John, the music brings out the environment as well as the balance between good and evil more so at the Garden of Gethsemane during the confrontation between Jesus and Satan.

The movie can be regarded as touching with gruesome scenes which can in turn away the faint-hearted. Drawing from my experience of watching the movie, I can hardly bear the pain, and the horrible suffering of the main character, like the torture and the torment is beyond belief. The film was a change factor concerning what I read from the Bible on the same issue or topic in the life of Jesus Christ. In addition to being a good movie, the suffering is somewhat gruesome. However, it is an excellent film for Christian believers to watch as it teaches a new sense of appreciation of the act of love which is depicted beyond verbal description. Concerning the story of Jesus, different aspects were scarce from the readings if not confusing. The creation and the work of Mel Gibson gives a detailed visual account of the gospel, portraying a significant aspect of accuracy to the scripture.

In conclusion, the passion of the Christ is an inspiring, reverential as well as an essential motion picture for both believers and non-believers. According to my view, I can describe it as the most heart wrenching as well as the compelling portrayal of Jesus Christ is suffering that I have watched. In the case of non-believers, the film confronts them with a harsh reality as to who the Jesus was and his role as leaders and reason as to why he died. The director, Mel Gibson sets the movie in Italy, and the use of the Aramaic language increases its authenticity. More so, the use of English subtitles proves helpful especially to people who aren’t familiar with Christ’s ministry. “The Passion of the Christ” is a Christian movie that I can advocate or recommend to any believer or non-believer. The display of the account of Jesus life has more for viewers regarding the message.

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