The Position of a Chief Petty Officer

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The position of a chief petty officer appears seventh in the enlisted rank in the navy of the United States and the Coastguard and is below the senior chief petty officer and above the petty officer first class. The chief petty officer rank was introduced on 1 April in 1893 in the United States Navy and was used first used by the Coastguard on 18 May 1920. The master chief officer of the coast and the navy are allowed to serve for 38 years.

My Dream of Becoming a Police Officer

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamt of becoming a police officer because they have a significant level of authority and attractive uniform. Concerning the service, leadership, heritage, and sacrifice of chief petty officers in a national crisis, wars and peace, I fully believe that with confidence and abilities I have what it takes to take up the obligation to ensure excellence for any sailor. Having being indebted to many master chiefs, chief petty officers and senior chiefs who guided me through this selection, I will try not to fail them. Another aspect that motivates me is that many sailors will be secure to spend numerous hours as I lead them through dangerous and harsh environments during flight deck operations or in attempts of saving lives of shipmates in hazardous ways. The feeling of having them under my control and safeguarding them gives me self-confidence and increases my self-esteem.

Being a Role Model

Being looked up to as a role model by young people who aspire to be chief petty officers is another motivating factor. With this in mind, I will be able to act hard and get through all the challenges that come my way, no matter how risky and difficult they might be. Being in this position will make me the foundation or the center of the ship station which comes along with a whole load of responsibilities that I have to accomplish to the best of my ability without failing my colleagues. Every nation needs strong, focused and determined leaders which is the reason why I would like to be part of the navy to build qualified and robust leaders to relieve our watch.

Guarding and Taking Care of Sailors

In my position, I will also have the duty of guarding my sailors, which means worried spouses, children and parents would trust me to take good care of their loved ones during deployment at war or in daily activities. Indeed, this gives me the zeal to be committed in my work and exhibit standards, readiness and excellence. Being brought up in a Christian family, I have acquired good morals and skills to help me coexist peacefully with members of the community. In my position, integrity, justice, and fairness will be my priorities due to my assigned obligations by a loyal community with similar customs and goals of service and unity to the navy. Acquiring a position in this post will be a dream come true.

September 11, 2023




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