The Preparation of the Presentation on Galaxy On6

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The preparation of the presentation on Galaxy On6

The preparation of the presentation on Galaxy On6 was lauded by all the group members and there are several things that went well. Firstly, the collection of vital research information was collaborative and this made it easier for the group to complete the assignment on time. We relied on sources such as the internet, magazines, and journals in gathering information. Another thing that went well was that we appointed one of us to serve as the group leader. In so doing, this gave us an opportunity to effectively work on various tasks allocated to us. I, for instance, worked on the current customer attitude, behavior, and opportunities in the market. Equal allocation of tasks by the group leader was instrumental in that it allowed all the members to actively participate in the group work. In the process, I was able to gain knowledge of the new Samsung product as well as its penetration into the U.S. market. My group members also appreciated the essence of teamwork within any setting.

What Went not so Well?

In any group work, there are chances that things may hardly go as expected. In our case, various things did not go so well. Firstly, we were faced with the challenge of accessing authentic information from Samsung’s website pertaining to the newly launched product. As a new product, accurate and authentic information about Galaxy on6 is scanty and this made it more complex for the group. At one point in time, we found that information about the features of the product was contradicting and this was misleading. One of the sources claimed that the new Samsung on6 had similar features to those of Samsung edge 6. We were forced to primarily rely on the company's website. Another thing that did not go so well was the lack of active participation from some of the members. In as much as we had a group leader, some of the members failed to attend meetings organized with the aim of polishing on the assignment. Subsequently, we were forced to adjourn some of the meetings on a regular basis. The team leader had to deal with the issues but no long-term solution was attained. Another issue that was witnessed was the complaints of some of the members about the complexity of their tasks. I, initially, felt that the areas of the assignment that I was supposed to work on were complex and this made me inform the group leader about it. However, the leader convinced me that in the event of any challenge during the production of the presentation, he was willing to help.

My Own Contribution

As a team member, I have to say that I made an immense contribution during the production of the presentation. Firstly, I made extensive research on the current attitude and behavior of consumers in the smartphone market and the opportunities that the company will have to embrace once it penetrates into the U.S. market. In so doing, I was able to learn more about the U.S. smartphone market and its growth across the years. Regarding the opportunities that the company will have to explore in the U.S., I learned that competition in the smartphone market is intense, thus the need for the implementation of suitable strategies that effectively deal with the issue. I was also tasked with the role of informing my group members about the meeting times and the platforms that they will have to embrace when collecting information about the product. Through regular communication, I ensured that all the team members delivered their work on time for compilation. Finally, the group leader asked me to help one of the members proofread the entire work and this was critical in that it allowed me to correct all the grammar mistakes. The final presentation on Galaxy on6 was a success and I have to say that part of the accolade goes to me due to my contributions.

Others' Contribution

Working as a team was among the reasons behind the success in completing the presentation on time. The team polished on all the tasks that they were allocated before sending them to the group leader for compilation. One of the group members settled on the topic and even provided the team convincing reasons behind the selection of Galaxy on6 as the topic that was had to work on. Initially, each member had a suggestion on the topic, with one claiming that working on the automobile sector topic would be appropriate. However, we all agreed that Samsung Galaxy on6 would be the most ideal topic. Moreover, the other members played an integral role in selecting the presentation designs and the visuals. Consultations were evident during the entire group work and this was essential in that it led to a successful production of the presentation. The group leader played a major role in ensuring that all the members effectively handled their tasks and in the event of absenteeism, they gave concrete reasons. Finally, the entire team was involved in the polishing and compilation of the group work.

Experience and Enhancing Future Performance

The assignment on Galaxy on6 provided me with an opportunity to learn more about the smartphone companies’ market share and dominance. In the U.S., for instance, I learned that Apple is a dominant force and this calls for firms such as Samsung to implement vital strategies that will give them a competitive edge in the market. In the future, there are various measures that the group will have to implement to enhance its performance. Firstly, the group members will have to meet regularly and in so doing, this will be vital in gauging the performance of each member. All the team members will have to proofread their work before sending it to the team leader for polishing and final touches. Only reliable and authentic sources will be used for the provision of information essential for research and this will eliminate instances of inaccuracies.

September 18, 2023

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