The Process of Onboarding

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Onboarding is the process of acquiring, launching, initiating, and acclimating new hires in order to minimize time-to-productivity. They may be from inside or outside the organization (Bradt and Vonnegut, Wiley, p3). The onboarding process may be completed in person or over the internet; the latter pauses difficult situations for companies but is often a feasible solution.

An onboarding strategy must be developed in order for the company to successfully direct new hires and trainees to their roles within the organization. It helps the organization introduce its goals to the new employees and internal trainees which increases the potential that they shall be well conversant with their roles within the organization and thus be able to have the correct sense of purpose from the beginning. From this standpoint, the onboarding process improves the profitability of an organization by creation a strong start, ensure that the starting experiences for the trainees are uniform and in the long run it helps improve the retention rate for the employees (Bauer, p. 50).

The first day must be well laid out and the human resource department must elaborate on their intentions, goals, and aims for the company and the process. This is where the tempo is set for the entire process and the would-be employees or trainees are accustomed to what they should expect. The employees get to interact and create a rapport which shall be effective in their harmonious working within the organization. Secondly, the new employees and internal trainees must be oriented towards their mentors. This is an important step that ensures the newcomers feel at home and confident to rely on the mentors which help the learning process. Thirdly, a formal onboarding plan should be prepared keeping in mind the company’s goals and objectives. This is the most important step of an onboarding process because it stipulates the format of the other events involved in the process. This typically takes the form of a schedule that can be followed by the trainees so that they can have a clear plan to follow, which saves time and ensures order and consistency in learning. The fourth step is the creation of expectations that the trainees should achieve, these goals help give scope to the process and add meaning to the formal onboarding schedule created. The trainees can understand that they are following the schedule in order to achieve these goals which tend to clarify matters and encourage co-operation (Bradt & Vonnegut , p.10).

Onboarding on the global scale has its upsides and downsides and the business must be prepared for the dynamic global environment. It is often used for remote employees and as such, it loses the sense of touch that a one on one onboarding process has. This is a critical element that the business must consider, it must devise methodologies that shall ensure the reestablishment of this vital aspect of communication. Some companies have a brief introductory session for such employees when they report for duty at the organization. The second critical aspect involves ensuring the security and reliability of the global onboarding process. In the current world where social engineering and outright hacks to computer systems are rampant, it is mandatory hat the business selects a clear protection system and outs in place physical checks to verify employee data. For example, the human resource department must countercheck the individual’s credential with the online provided one.

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December 28, 2022

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