The Pros and Cons of Mobile Touch Interfaces

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Mobile touch interfaces offer both positive and negative qualities. It is critical for users of these interfaces to grasp these elements in order to make informed decisions when selecting these interfaces for their smartphones or computers. The main advantage of these interfaces is their capacity to adapt to any imagined situation that it should address. The screen content can be altered to match the demands of the users, for example, by simulating input devices such as keyboards (Lindemann, 2). As a result, touch screens are more adaptable to the user interface system. Touch screen interfaces lacks buttons which breaks easily after three to four years, also they are simple to use, such as Ex.Ipod Apps ( This merits exist because of the advance technology that has improved the way things are carried out. The other merit lies within the use of the simultaneously handled input devices. The users can use hands or also various devices together with their hands. Hence it will take shorter time for the any task to be completed. The merit exists given that the user can design the type of input device to use ranging from finger to touch stick. In addition to the simultaneous usage, one can also extract a lot of information by single means of input. Touches can only be varied depending on pressure sensitivity and the angle of touch.


On the demerit part, touch screen interfaces complicate the occlusion as a number of fingers, devices or hands are clouding more part of the screen than just on a single touch devices. The other problem is that fat fingers require the designers to utilize interaction elements of a particular minimum size so as to be precisely touchable by these fat fingers (Lindemann, 2). People have different sizes of fingers and those with fat fingers are disadvantaged since they are not to precisely touch the screen In addition, touch screen interfaces limit the visually impaired people. Some of the touch screen interfaces are also affected by the amount of light, hence affecting visibility and usage.

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May 24, 2023
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