The “Red Death”

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The "Red Death" ravaged the world because it was a threat that called into question the nation's life, which is determined by the presence of citizens. Citizens maintain that the heritage is passed on to future generations by handing down ancient values, customs, and convictions. Death depletes a community of persons who have accumulated a wealth of life lessons and insights that may have been useful in developing wise and responsible leaders. When breadwinners are removed from homes, helpless children struggle because their basic needs must be met, and their future is jeopardized. As a result, when people are unable to work and pay taxes, the country's economic value suffers. Therefore, the nation is not immune to the suffering of its people.

The pain inflicted by the “Red death” portrays its lack of sympathy with the victim. That draws the distinction between humans and other beings where people are superior. The lack of reasoning capacity of the enemy explains why it is not able to think and exercise justice. It only fathoms its need for a prey to attack and feed on. Thus, people have to suffer innocently, leave behind families, and die with unfulfilled potentials. It is unfortunate that fellow humans in government and society are not able to give much help in regards to the pain and suffering.

The fact that individuals cannot help an individual affected by the “Red Death” implies that it is beyond human control or a matter subject to further brainstorming. Some things that bring human suffering cannot be explained or understood, and people have to accept and pray that it does not become their fate. However, other events are a subject to ignorance of the possible dangers. In such cases, it requires the collective efforts of the entire community to come up with solutions. Need creates an urgency that mounts pressure on the mind to become innovative. Often, humans have an advantage over other species because their cognizance is more advanced. Therefore, it would be regrettable if detailed research is not conducted by stakeholders to unravel all dimensions of the problem and build solutions from that.

The prince summoned his council too late; after half of his country’s population had been swept off by the “Red Death.” Leaders should have machinery and personnel that is quick to communicate a problem at its infancy and act spontaneously. Perhaps the prince was too engrossed on the glorious times of the kingdom that he failed to notice his people dying. Often, it is difficult for people to live in their realities because it has not dawned clearly on them. Recovery and hard-line decisions cannot happen before a person responsible accepts and recognizes urgent needs. The royalties in aristocrats rarely identify with the pain of ordinary people.

The prince and his council held their meeting in private coffers out of the shame of what had happened. The soundest decisions are made with the involvement of all the parties affected. However, the extent of damage required that the decisions are made hastily to secure the situation and save the leadership from the shame of their ignorance. Also, this form of command shows the drift between rulers and their subjects. The disconnect is evident in the deaths of half of the population before action is taken. Democracy solves such problems because it calls for the involvement of masses in the choice of leadership and their input is validated.

July 19, 2022

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