The relationship between book Triumph of the City and the film san francisco

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People in New York are curious about what's going on in San Francisco. That's what Alexandra Pelosi tells about the Google Bus. In case of growth, the Google Bus has become a symbol of the planet. It is an icon of wealth inequality and balance around the globe. After a collection of short stories about the city, the home of different cultures and great personalities. Pelosi is working on tax breaks that have taken Twitter's focus to the downtown core. This is the case in situations of house crisis and the evictions and consequences of a shared economy. There is a relationship between the triumphs of the city and the film. In that respect, the effect of creativity on cities. The aim of this paper is to give an analysis of the relations between the triumph of the city and film San Francisco.

Pelosi asserts that Francisco is booming and does not recognize his hometown. That is because of innovation and tech companies. That means that they do not fear greater heights to develop the city. For a city to triumph, it must sore to greater heights. For instance, the case of Mumbai booming in business is a fact of great steps (Glaeser 159). Even though Francisco is facing housing problems but that is a common issue. Every city has challenges that impact on the development agenda. Due to development, unemployment in Francisco has reduced gradually. It is important to note that for an economic boom fears must be eliminated and ability to take risks.

Pelosi does not provide much the answer to city rising crisis. Instead, she spends time analyzing where the problem lies. She spends time talking to politicians to get their view on the crisis in occurrence. Glaeser`s is believing that ideas spread more in places that are densely populated. Entrepreneurs from the cities should learn from their colleagues on the success of the city. It means that for a city to succeed the ideas shared in an economy is vital (Mc Govern 9). Cities prosper in regard that it fosters interaction and ideas sharing. That is clear in the argument of Pelosi regarding technology.

The policy made by Glaeser makes it build up not out. That's the terms as skyscrapers that are part officers and part flats. That is for the reason that they foster creativity and interaction. If you think of flats as against urban mansion, those workers driving than those using buses. That can be a factor in understanding the development of the city. That is the focus on Francisco and must be a key to developing the city. A significant stress is to stop worrying about places and instead focus on the people (Mc Govern 8). People reside in the city, and they make it a success basing on their skills. Thus focusing on the people is vital in making sure that there is an intelligent population to develop the economy.

The success of the cities which have prospered before are putting the focus on the people. The success of the people matters a lot to the city. If we put the words of Pelosi that it is the work of the government to ensure that the people get affordable housing. Glaeser asserts that cities do rise and fall, but that is a secret to development. That is the most significant invention if inventions are unique then progress is attained (Mc Govern 7). If the city comes up with creative innovation, then there is development. It is crucial to ensure that there are technological inventions to make sure that growth occurs.

Glaeser affirms that it is essential to subsidize the sub-urban places. That entails taxes that favor owners of large homes (Glaeser 161). The reduction of mortgages interests rate this was also the argument of Pelosi in regards to the development of San Francisco. That includes not charging the road users. That will encourage the road users to commute to urban areas. Tax reduction was enacted in London and thus reduced congestion. Therefore, life in the cities should be appealing regarding infrastructure. For instance, technology made it easy for Henry Ford to succeed in the production of cars. He relied on the people to supply the goods and thus increase in production.

If we take the case of New York, people are happier and wealthier (Glaeser 162). These points out the kind of progress it is in place. The changes in cities are not an overnight thing it needs educated people. That applies to the people who govern the city also and policies in place. That intertwines with the case in Francisco Pelosi says the government has a role to play. Public agglomerates should also apply policies to ensure that they develop the cities. There are negative issues about the cities. There are slums present in Mumbai crime poor sanitation and congestion. That is visible in San Francisco where poor housing is a problem. Therefore, challenges faced by cities globally are common. That should reflect back as a case study in eradicating underdevelopment.

It is interesting to note that a secret to development is information technology. It is easy when everything is a click away. Cities are emphasizing the productive invention to ensure development (Mc Govern 10). Face to face interaction is vital in sharing ideas of progress. Pelosi also asserts that economy is cyclic and thus people must share ideas. It is this view that we assume that indeed economy is shared. There must be a cooperative alliance to ensure a common good.

The success of all cities relies on the decision made by boards and preserving committees. The kind of regulation that is in place limits the cities development. It is important to note that Pelosi was arguing about affordable taxes. That is what Glaeser terms as less regulation to enable development. For instance, in New York, you are required to pay a couple of dollars to get a speedy permit (Glaeser 161). It is essential to give an affordable tax system to avoid the fear of development.

The fallacy in Pelosi ideas is the notion of her dishonesty. Rather of promoting falsehood and avoids facts. Instead of giving realities of San Francisco, the film becomes manifested with self-parody. From the very start, the film entails nostalgia not factual. It has been long since a government that is not materialist governed Francisco. Pelosi grew up in the city and understands quite well the issue that swept Francisco. That coincided with materialist boom termed as dot com. San Franciscans say that they are anti-materialist, entailing high rents, and cost of living (Mc Govern 15). Pelosi says that she does not recognize his town’s makeover but if you access it will make an excellent documentary.

That is not the facts of the film we get instead people echo about it. They explain how technology has empowered the great city. The film does not give evidence on the current state of the city. This failure to see the supportive facts on the issue discussed. The case of Paris is contrary it is prospering because of lack obstacles (Glaeser 136). There is massive development in buildings and structural reforms. That is because of the support that the government offers the city. Indeed, it is important to note that the government and political leaders have roles play. Even though the cities are prospering, there is an apparent weakness in development. There are faults in infrastructure and improper sanitation.

The breakthrough came in 1980 when they designed the skyscraper. These are the St. Louis building which entails ornamental masonry. This transformation now defines the current structures. This great architect involves massive innovation this means that innovation shapes the entire world. In the case of San Francisco, the significant effects brought in the film are due to technology. All the monuments are not mild but of great significances. That has enabled New York to thrive and expand. Singapore is also developing unlike Mumbai this is about clean water (Glaeser 159). Tokyo has also prospered due to trends in the innovation of new infrastructure and tall buildings. It is clear that cities start small and later transform into creativity.

The famous French arch of Rome it grew to become one of the best boulevards in the world (Glaeser 135). Most people have visited there to see the remarkable buildings. That shows the enormous impact it causes to the world. The same case with Paris it began with its founders and builders. The city serves as an icon for preserving the past aesthetic monuments. That has changed how the world perceives. These have shown value and enable people to shape their creativity and critical thinking. People’s inability to create new ideas that are life-changing. It is a fact that countries have become colossi of industries. That is because there are clever merchants and intellect entrepreneurs. The mere creativity and ideas were dynamic that improved San Francisco.


It relation between the film San Francisco and the triumph of the city is evident. There is a show that it is due to ideas that we transform. Success can be achievable through the invention of new ideas. It is crucial to embark on technological advances to develop. The focus on education and skilled people is essential. Challenges are a part of transforming the future.

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October 12, 2022
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