The Right Mate

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Secondly, I treasure the southern food especially the sweet tea. "Are you the right mate?" The article in psychology today "Translates how we treat the issues of friendship. Although useful, its concept of relationships between life partners is far too Western-centered. I think that this paper is more about "us for our fellows" rather than coping with other facts in otherwise safe relationships such as typical African cultural environments and Eastern orientalism. The West's core concept categorizes religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, confucianism to strict Islam and Jewishism and the modern aspects of relationships such as households of equal genders (Rebecca 2). Every culture, however, defines relationships in its own set of rules. In the case of the most orthodox religions (Islam and Judaism) and some other cultures one is expected to take a mate he or she has been arranged for and is supposed to love him or her and raise a family without asking any questions. Though the western model of relationships is based on free will, which is a good thing as I believe, it’s worth noting that America leads globally in the number of short-term relationships that end up in breakups before they mature. It also has the highest number of marriage divorces. Moreover, the cultures that come across these ‘western values of relationships’ end up with same failing marital statistics as America. Good examples are Japan and South Korea (Rebecca 4). The underlying factor is that in this age of feminism, most women are taught to believe that they are equal to men, which could not be far from the truth.
Communication is mentioned in the article as the fundamental key to a healthy relationship. I would like to improve the idea by telling my readers that other time, communication is not the only key but rather our action and the threat they convey. A mate, in this case, is supposed to leave up to your desired standards, perfect your personality and accomplishments. If he or she feels threatened enough, he or she would improve to retain you because of the fear of staying without a mate. Therefore, no matter how good you are in communicating, uniquely as a lady, society will always brand you as ‘nagging’ and men ‘sensitive’.

Work cited
Webber, Rebecca. “Are You with the Right Mate?” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 1 Jan. 2012,

July 24, 2021

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