The Ring of Gyges

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The Ring of Gyges is an ancient magic ring that gives its owner the ability to become invisible at will. It was first mentioned by Plato in Book 2 of his Republic. The Ring of Gyges is a powerful enchantment, so if you are looking to be invisible, then you should get it. You can purchase it online or at local stores. To learn more, read Plato's Republic and Arthur Wells' Invisibility.

Plato's Republic

In Book 2 of Plato's Republic, he describes the mythical magic ring that grants its wearer the ability to become invisible. A man with this ring is considered a person of great intelligence and has no fear of reputation. As a result, the ring can be said to be very powerful. In addition to being able to become invisible, a person who wears this ring will also have superhuman abilities.

Arthur Wells

In Arthur Wells and the Ring of Gyges, the titular character is a man with a mysterious past. As a boy, he was an underdog. But a mysterious force brought him to a place where he was destined to die - the royal bedroom. And he was determined to take advantage of this opportunity to kill the King. However, the plot twist is not the end of this story.

J.R.R. Tolkien

In the Lord of the Rings, the magical artifact The One Ring, which grants the wearer invisibility, is derived from The Song of Gyges. It is a recurring motif in fantasy literature and is often associated with a dead king or queen. It is also a literary source of the term "ring of invisibility."


In this story, a man named Gyges gains invisibility after a chance encounter. He decides to become king and, by chance, becomes invisible. This demonstrates how the laws of nature do not rob man of his freedom of choice. However, this tale also illustrates the tragic path of the evil constructs known as Gyges. So, if the law of invisibility is a harbinger of evil, why does it exist?

Involuntary servitude

Involuntary servitude is any type of employment in which the subject is compelled to perform tasks against his or her will. Even if the person works for a reward, they are not there voluntarily. Involuntary servitude often arises from abusive, influential figures who coerce the subject into doing something against his or her will, using physical and psychological coercion.

Invoking natural law

"Invoking natural law in a ring" is an old Greek myth that is still relevant today. The story of Gyges illustrates the principle of entrapment. Using a chain of entrapment, one can tie the shoelaces of another person, as in the case of Gyges. Invoking natural law, however, is not the same thing as entrapment.

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