The Rise of Modern Man

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The Rise of Civilization

The rise of the civilization of human beings is a continuous process, and its current form has been credited for the peace and stability in most nations of the world. The argumentative essay will discuss what is more important to the rise of modern man specifically on the development of languages or agriculture. Regardless, traditions and encounters have shaped the civilization of human beings.

Importance of Language and Psychology

What is more important to the rise of modern man is the development of human being from the prehistoric period up to the present moment. Fundamentally, the increase in human language and his psychological influence affected his culture and societal behavior. Moreover, the development of the human brain has played a role in the civilization of the human being and the development of the community to be a better place to live. Ostensibly, culture focuses on the art of people living together in harmony and adopting traits that are important for the survival of human being. The realities of migration were evident during the early periods in search of food, arable land for farming, and looking for pasture for their animals.

Innovation and Advancements in Farming

Furthermore, what is more important for the rise of civilization is that human being found new ways of doing things? For instance, modern techniques of farming were invented that could produce a better and higher yield than before. Without civilization, human beings could still be hunters and gatherers, farming using traditional means, and moving from one place to another. With enlightenment, better ways of keeping livestock were discovered, cultivation of land and planting crops in a given area were researched, and the increase of farm input was increased. For example, large-scale farming came into place hence bringing into perspective the issue of food security for human beings. Equally, civilization brought about specialization and division of labor whereby people with some skills will further them and assisted the whole community. Hence, in an attempt to hone those skills, the builders, maintenance specialists, and blacksmiths started to receive special skills that would expand the knowledge of human beings.

Impact of Agriculture and Modern Farming

The establishment of agriculture and modern farming spread widely resulting in a population explosion and the rise of knowledge. In particular, agriculture was made easier because people had sufficient understanding of some foods and thus bushes were cleared, and the food supply increased as there was a spread of agriculture in many areas. The emergence of farming brought about new forms of human socialization and stoppage of migratory tendencies of human beings. The level of specialization was also increased with the manufacture of baskets, carvings, pots, textiles, and leathers among others. Consequently, accumulated wealth became the norm with land becoming the primary factor of production. Also, civilization facilitated the development of governments to maintain law and order and incorporate religion in governance. Equally, the governments could be funded by taxes and payments made in their favor.


Nonetheless, human civilization can be traced back to the prehistoric period where no records were kept up to the period where they discovered writing to keep track of farming records, taxes and laws governing its operation. Modern civilization is linked to practical ways of doing things like the use of advanced tools of farming, effective methods of keeping livestock for high yields, and the most efficient form of government. The paper has argued on the importance of the rise of modern man through agriculture. Thus, modern civilization focuses on practical ways of doing things.

November 13, 2023

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