The Robert Wood Foundation

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The Robert Wood Foundation is focused with the advancement, research, and improvement of the health-care system in the United States of America. In carrying out its mission, the organization influences the community to ensure that health policies are enacted. The organization's major paper is the ""IOM future of nursing report,"" which is aimed at improving patient care. The American Nurses Association has honestly praised these efforts as the future of patient improvement. As a result, the article focuses on the application and significance of the paper as given by the Robert Wood Foundation. The future of the Nursing Profession According to the Report

Through the Robert Wood Foundation, the IOM put in place a committee to conduct research and highlight the future of the nursing profession in the United States of America. The Committee in consultation with various stakeholders including the American Nursing Association thus came up with a report whose effect was to transform the nursing profession by increasing the quality and access to care in the United States of America. The report was to act as a blueprint of the expected state of the nursing profession and practice. The committee in its findings thus came up with four major issues of concern. The first one was to advocate for the acquisition of a vast knowledge by nurses through proper and elevated levels of instructions. This included a progressive level of education where the nurses are encouraged to pursue higher levels of education in compliance with a teaching framework that is of an advanced nature.

The second recommendation by the committee, is the need for the nurse educationists to engage in practice to the extent of their education. This is thus to break from the old culture where their services were only limited towards training nursing professionals. Another proposal is the full inclusion of the nurses in the matters of healthcare policies. In doing so, the committee recommends that a partnership of the nurses together with other medical practitioners such as the physicians and the social healthcare professionals with the intention of redesigning the healthcare sector in the United States of America. The last pillar is the encouragement of proper data gathering and information infrastructure as well as having an effective plan for the nursing workforce.

From the report, it is evident that the United States of America has an opportunity of changing the manner in which her medical attendants operate as well as the human services in general. For this change to happen however, the medical professionals such as the physicians, nurses and the technicians ought to take a front stage in the reform process. In order to improve the current business and the administration of the health services the burden should not just squarely lie with the doctors but rather the medical service associations, the government and other organizations must all come together for a common purpose of ensuring quality healthcare service delivery. Coordination of these sectors however requires that a consistent forms of outcomes, guarantees for quality healthcare is key.

The Benefits of IOM

The Report by IOM suggests that in fact the nurses the nurses have really had numerous chance of leading but that the same has always been met with a lot of constraints. In the words of Burns Burton for example, nurses should not just me used as mere rubber stamps for choices made but rather they must be fully involved in the process by being allowed to take a leading role and not just a passive position. It is thus believed that such a move will greatly boost the quality of the service offered as these people have a practical experience with the patients at a primary level. The National Database of Nursing quality Indicators is another areas where is quality is maintained, a lot of productivity in the healthcare sector is likely to ensue. The database is supported by the American Nursing Association and meets the concerns of the Medicaid and the Medicare services. A wider population of the healthcare facilities have considered working with the database because it provides an opportunity to give proper treatment to patients. Further it enhances a proper coordination and the dissemination of information touching on patient examinations. This database is at the watch of the Kansas University.

Nursing Employees Development and Education

Nurses do not just go to school as a mere formality but rather a core part of their life as professionals in gaining competent skills for the benefit of the society. The education should thus empower the nursing students with knowledge that will enable them form organizations with life changing intentions. For this reason, the report advocates for therapeutic training advancement through the department of health and human services.

May 10, 2023
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