The Role of Leadership in Effective Team Building

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Running a successful business requires the effective development of organizational team to enhance smooth operations of the enterprise activities (Ouye and Joe 14). Creating effective crew needs robust planning and combination of efforts to achieve the desired results. For a productive and efficient team to be realized within any organization, there must be a supportive leadership structure to help the team members understand their roles and guide them in decision making. In other words, the management should exhibit political and social awareness as well as build trust and care for the crew members. An efficient leader has the responsibility of persuading the followers and obtaining the necessary external support to ensure that the team remains functional. Moreover, they act as role models to empower the team through delegating authority and being flexible in terms of decision making and coaching.

Similarly, the effective team can be built through increased cohesiveness as a way to ensure that there is one voice and unity within the team. A united team facilitates open communication enable members to get along with each other and make them feel good for being part of the team In such case, the company will record exemplary performance because the teams demonstrate a high level of commitment. A supportive and collaborative organizational culture boosts both individual and collective efforts towards achieving the set goals. Such an environment is shaped by transformational leaders.

Lastly, an effective team can be established by setting the ground rules. A team leader needs to foster teamwork through creating team values and goals as well as assessing the individual member performance alongside the team’s achievement. All the members should be engaged in this process by considering their opinions.  


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October 24, 2023



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