The Role of Taylorism in Management

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In activity 1 the major issue discussed is on the elimination of the physical movements which are not required by the workers. The theory of management of Taylor was founded on the basis of the productivity principle of all the private workers which would end up being improved in cases where the tasks assigned were appropriate and suited their individual capabilities and their strategies (Ginte et al 2017pp 64). All of this is achieved by removing all the available workers. The structure of the organization usually contains the information of how some activities such as coordinating and directing are done so as to help the company in achieving the objectives.

In activity 2 the strategies usually refers to the additional of all the plans of the organization which follows some certain strategies which are considered to be true in many cases (Schotter et al2017 pp 451). The above activities are listed but they also applies in the procedures of employees and the organization culture. For the whole organization to achieve all the set plans which are referred as the strategies. Then the structure of the organization is always taken towards the procedures and guidelines in the policies.


Activity 1.

Question 1.

Would the Australian workers, America or Europe come to accept the Taylorism in this form today?

In the present era, all the workers across the country of Australia, Europe or America refused the Taylorism in the original form (Thrift et al 2017 pp 175). Also the time has changed with the automation and technology and there is a surety that there is no wisdom required in making use of the established theory at the end. There is availability of some certain ramifications which are required in order to make the original theory applied.

Question 2.

Take into consideration the script designs for being in call centers, can you see in that Taylorism?

There is a consideration of the theory in application in the call centers to a great extent but ends up being incomplete (Bartlett et al 2018 pp 53). This is due to the fact that the call center operation is at the end dividend into some various categories which gives a specialization in the world. Depending on the nature of the employee’s expertise, there is a separation of the assigned work in the center of call. Then the roles of the jobs can either be assigned to each employee according to the criteria followed.

Question 3.

The clip is giving the past history of over a hundred years ago (Luthans et al 2017 pp 50). Some people would say the whole world has moved on and the main ideas are considered to be outdated. However, there are some parts of the world in the present day for which the ideas might be what they need?

Due to this there are a lot of industries which are across the globe world. This requires that the ideas are involved in the above situation. Though the scientific management was introduced a century ago then there is a long lasting effect on the coined principles (Del Giudice et al pp 235) This also entails the division of work by also rewarding the employees who work very hard by given the introduction of very simple techniques which are the rules for the ventures who are starting. There can be a guarantee of success when the right application.

Activity 2.

Yves Morieux has a claim that the structure follows some strategy. Is this always the case?

Most of the companies do not have any real plan since the structure is the next step after the strategy is made (Cook et al 2017 pp 99). Unless in a situation where the structures are very clear about the strategy to be followed. In most cases this is not always the situation since a lot of organizations do not have a specific strategy before they have a final decision on the structure and the various types of companies which usually have a very clear focus. This is the one to be distributed and be arranged in some different levels. Due to this there is a very good approach of keeping the structure prior to the strategy but in most cases it backfires since there is a requirement for an overall change in the strategy changes (Rowell et al 2017 pp 35). This statement can be explained in a firm of sales and marketing which has a major aim of increasing the value of sales in the following months. Every person who works in that organization will end up adopting the initiative and the work which is aimed at achieving it. The plans will be followed by the structure put in place.


In conclusion, there is a principle which is applied and is considered by the company which gives a security to the job. This forces the work force in ensuring that there is a 100% productivity maintainers (Moutinho et al 2017 pp 35). There is a golden rule for the company’s growth which ensures that the employees are always happy and they will take very good care of the business. The FedEx CEO after being interviewed, quoted that there is a need to take care of the business.


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January 19, 2024


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