The Role of Technology in Decision Making

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Computers and Managers

Computers have greatly helped managers in carrying out their day to day operations as well as making strategic decisions. Planning is made easier because documents used in planning can be edited and created through the use of computers. Through the use of computers, planning process can take the shortest time possible and all the activities can be documented and stored in the computers (Sorrells Web). Managers are able to organize for resources through the use of technology hence reducing wastage. It is also easy to control processes and resources through the use of technology such as controlling the usage of raw materials (Targett and Powell 11-12). The time needed to complete task and even completely done away with certain job functions thus making it easier to organize and control processes from a sitting or by a click of the computer mouse.

Evaluation of Tasks

On evaluation of tasks, the technology and computers always allow data comparative thus making it easier to evaluate performances. For instance, it is easier to compare the budget against the actuals and such information can be used to evaluate the performance of an organization (Sorrells Web). A crucial data that directs operations of any employee can be sent through the internet. Through communication, information directing staff on what to do can easily reach the staff at the shortest time possible.

The Role of Computers in Decision-making

An organization may rely too heavily on computers but such cannot replace judgement and intuition of the managers. Technology and computers only help in the decision-making process but cannot be left to carry out certain tasks such as thinking for the organization. Managers only use the data from the computers in making their decisions and cannot leave the computers to do it on its own (Targett and Powell 63-5). The most important thing to note is that technology and computers only ensure efficiency and effectiveness within organizations.

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September 11, 2023

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