The Role of Technology in the Second World War

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The well calculate moves, and the introduction of technology in warfare made United State transform quickly from a near defeat to victory. The position can be proven through an analysis of the major military operations between 1941 and 1943 targeting the United States and her allies’ enemies across the world using air, sea, and land (Brody, 2017). The success was also achieved because of the presence of able leaders fighting on their fronts like Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Josef Stalin and the then American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. One of the most important wars in military history was the Pacific War.

    After the attack on the Pearl Harbor, America experienced traumatizing effects of being caught unaware or underestimating the power of the Japanese army. However, the U.S military organized itself and achieved victory over Japan through the use of the air force forcing Japan to surrender and thus marking the end of the Second World War. Atomic bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the Soviet Union intensified the war on Japan (Brody 2017).

    In Africa, the United States and its allies managed to defeat their enemies who were fighting proxy wars in Countries like Tunisia and Libya (Morelock, 2015). Some of the famous battles fought in Africa using the Naval, and the Airforce include the Operation Torch, Battle of Atlantic and the Battle of El Guettar in which the United States and her allies were targeting the  Germans and the Italian forces. In the Siegfried Line campaign, the United States targeted Germany and her allies in Belgium, Luxemburg, a military operation that killed more than 19 000 people (Morelock, 2015). It is however evident that the United States did not have more military personnel compared to all the forces it was fighting with. Therefore, the then advanced technology helped to defeat the adversaries using few military men and sophisticated bombs that their enemies could not manufacture/

    Battle of Metz saw America prove their military might to the French military which had earlier on challenges the United States in the in the Wars in Canada (Morelock, 2015). The French army could not put up enough resistance against the Americans and their allies who were well coordinated and using advanced technology that to cause a high number of causalities on the enemies from, an annihilation that would make them surrender immediately. Was it not for the resilience of the United States to win the battle in all continents, the world would be different because the democratic principles that are more appealing in the systems of governance would not have been implemented. Some nations like Germany and Italy, which laid more emphasis on the use of hard power to ensure there is peace and order in their respective territorial boundaries. The military might of the United States proven through the events prior to the end of the Second World War made the United States to be feared across the world hence managing to maintain the world peace through deterrence measures and preventive war.


Brody, J. K. (2017). Crucible of a Generation: How the Attack on Pearl Harbor Transformed   America. Routledge.

Morelock, J. D. (2015). Generals of the Bulge: Leadership in the US Army's Greatest Battle. Stackpole Books. Through the Potsdam Declaration Japan signed a treaty not to attack  the U.S or any of its allies.

November 13, 2023

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