The Role of the Film Production Company in Film Distribution

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The inter-party agreement regulates the relationship of the financier parties in a film production company. Once the film production company has posted all the materials online along with a written index, the film producer collects them as a set exception to the uniqueness provision of the inter-party agreement. If the film production company is in breach, the film producer does not sign the agreement. Both parties must understand what is happening and add the lists of exceptions to the obligations before the film sale (Steven, 2016). The distributor may buy a film if he or she likes the supplied material or few materials have been distributed. However, it might be much better if the film producer does not buy if the materials are in violation of an agreement. The films that meet a certain MPAA rating can be crumpled by the contractual requirement during delivery. Both the trailers and the content of motion pictures shown before films have to be regulated by the Classification and Rating administration that operates under MPAA.

The Red Band previews are rated ‘R’ typically above ‘G’ while the Blue Band trailers are regarded as ‘G’. The discomfort of the exhibitor may pressurize the producer to let more Red Band trailers. Generally, melodramatic exhibitor would not exhibit Red Band clips prior R-rated movie but some distributors have chosen to utilize the internet to prevent the discomposure of the producers. However, other distributors may not be contented with this approach since the choice of posting unrated film material before the histrionic publication may frustrate the distributor’s expectations or destroy the CARA system of rating. When the film distributor and producer adopt a strategy without enough experience it becomes more dangerous than in the strategy (Barnwell, 2018). Legal liability is attached to the online content used by the producer if the form agreements are signed without the standard agreement. However, it is equally important that the underuse of the remarkable ability of the audience for development may occur when the fear of this liability is identified. The distributor and producer of the film have to decide earlier on the appropriate strategy for the development of curatorial audience to maximize the opportunity for the project, to identify the type of technology to use, and the amount of the material to be posted as well as the effect those materials will have on the rating process (Steven, 2016). The Chance of building an audience will maximize if the film production will take these steps.

The foundation of any solid film project is the story concepts and good ideas. There is a moment of inspirations for all movies. The producers frequently come up with ideas while the screenwriters, usually have the original story or idea. Copyright cannot protect the ideas or any other intellectual property right. Therefore, filmmakers can only divulge their stories and ideas as measures to protect them. They can also subscribe to multimedia risk insurance and producer omission and errors insurance to cover legal liability and defense for the film production company against lawsuits alleging plagiarism and unauthorized uses of format, ideas, plots, characters and so on (Alberstat, 2012). The amount of editing that the filmmaker can do after the movie has been released can continuously the improve technology. It may be also achievable to add other program and material, the replay device, to engage this new material into the version given even though not exclusively acceptable under the Copyright Act. The new work constituting copyright infringement would be unauthorized derivative work if a party was to produce an unlicensed type of a film with extra material.

The legitimate questions still remain as to whether or not the amalgamated private presentation is also unauthorized copied work if the new materials are only accessed to be viewed at home and not in the public. Also, the new materials were never added to a copy of the initial work. The difference between the video games and narrative films is eroding. The agreement of distribution would require to be considerably adapted if the creative artist innovates video mash-ups that incorporate materials destined for modern forms of the design into the initial work. The use of this technology could allow the audience to participate in integrating content already produced and create content to be uploaded if the distributor and producer were both agreeable (Barnwell, 2018). The latest variety of material basically a type of motion picture fan fiction would be created if audience professional content would be integrated.

Once the rough idea or story of the film in the development of a film project turned into a final script ready for production, the financiers, who put development money, expects a 55% bonus with an addition of 3% from the producer’s fees. The bonus money is supposed to be paid on the second day of the main production and as the film starts to recoup, the 5 % of the producer’s profits are paid (Finney, 2014). The negotiation process starts between the producer and screenwriter once a story idea is firmly in place. The writer recruits agent who plays an important role in ensuring his interest is well represented in negotiation programs. The producer can either buy the option of the films, the materials from which the script was adapted outright or can buy the rights to the story in order to move the film project forward on the script development front. The producer pays the writer a significantly high amount for all films right once shooting begin or he may agree to pay the writer in smaller, agreed-upon installments throughout this period since the producer is the only person allowed to develop the film idea into a screenplay.

The producer sends the script once it is completed to film directors to measure their interest and find the right director for his film project. The producer and director decide who they will hire to help them in achieving the way they want to film the movie. According to Barnwell (2018), a well-known star is attached to the script to make the film project more commercial. The producers and filmmakers have to optimize back-end profitability of the film by integrating the strategy of pre-sales distribution and marketing into place. Distributors and producers can utilize the ordinary conduct of the curatorial viewers to support them in the distribution of the content as the line between the original content and marketing further erode. The producer secures the services of sales agents and markets his films by sending them to a film festival to help send the film internationally to distributors (Finney, 2014). The bottom line economics of the agreement is supposed to motivate the distributors and the sales agents just as the agencies are self-motivated. The numbers of parties to the agreement causes the transactions of film finance to have multiple sources of funds hence taking much longer to negotiate and more recoupment schedule that is complex.


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