The Role of the Local Authority in the Management of Government Aircraft

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In response to the ongoing debate on issues with the management of government aircraft, there is the need for the local authority government to become aware of the legal action by failing to enforce some of the regulations. The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations are the codification of the general and the permanent rules published in the Federal Register by all the executive departments and agencies of the federal government. The e-CFR part 102-33- Management of Government Aircraft main responsibilities of this regulations include the acquisition, management, and the disposing of federal aircraft and in the management of commercial aviation services ("eCFR", 2018).

The rules under the 41 CFR part-102-33 applies to all the federally-funded aviation activities of executive branch agencies of the U.S Government that use the government’s aircraft to accomplish all their official business ("eCFR", 2018). However, in line with the rules under this regulations, they do not apply to the armed forces, the president or the vice president and their offices. Further, the law does not apply to all the privately owned aircraft that the agency personnel use during their official travel even when the federal government funds the aircraft ("eCFR", 2018). In the regulation, clear terms have been used to identify the target audience of the regulation and it is thus necessary for all the people involved to comply by the set standards. Based on this regulations, they are there to provide how and when this regulations should apply and whether one may request approval to deviate from the set rules by 41 CFR part-102-33.

The Stakeholders

The Code of Federal Regulations comprises of all those areas that require federal regulations and the principal stakeholders involved such as the government, states, federal agencies, office of the federal register, regulators, and colleagues should have excellent communication skills. For them to communicate effectively, there is the need to identify what needs to be said, the person that they wish to convey the information to and the actions that should result from the communication. The reason for effective communication among the stakeholders is necessary as the information being conveyed can be pertinent to the urgent adoption of new regulations under the 41 CFR part-102-33. Some of the most effective ways to improve communication among the stakeholder are the use of information that is understandable to the affected individuals. There is the need to learn more as one can about the role of the stakeholder in ensuring the optimal running of the regulations in place.  As a city, it strives to provide the highest quality life of the lives of the citizens, and as a result, the local self-government should guarantee there is the proper use of records, acquisition, and the construction of public buildings.


While the regulations as they are suitable for the working conditions of all the people highlighted under the statute in your city, it is necessary to come up with written laws by the municipal governing authority that serves to enforce this law. However, this should be the case, unless these laws become repealed through the adoption of new rules to the regulation. It is necessary for all the people in your departments to realize that the city operates under a closed style of government which is not able to realize workable solutions in comparison to the open system (Boubaker & Nguyen, 2014). There is thus the need for your office to adopt the more diplomatic open style of governance. In the open form of government, all the citizens regardless of the cultural orientation have a right to access all the documentation and the proceedings of the government, and this allows for adequate public oversight (Boubaker & Nguyen, 2014). The open form of governance allows for the government transparency and accountability. In reference to possible issues with communications, there is the need for the city to send surveys to all the stakeholders and get their opinions about the changes in the mode of governance. While communication barriers are of utmost concern, there is the need to obtain the viewpoints of all the stakeholders in deciding the management of government aircraft (Boubaker & Nguyen, 2014). Indeed, the most effective means of communication involves meeting with all the stakeholders, but this would deter the prompt enforcing of the regulations at the city level. 


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August 01, 2023


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