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The Roman Catholic Church And The Protestant Reformation

Reformation Protestant. This campaign was directed at changing the Roman Catholic Church's traditions and values. The reformation movement, like John Calvin and Martin Luther, was spearheaded by numerous religious figures.
Review for Literature
The phase of reformation lasted from 1517-1648; it was one of the most important religious movements the world has ever seen. Many causes, however, contributed to the Reformation movement and the Roman Catholic Church worked to discourage and hinder the Reformation process as best as it could.
Reformation of the Church
The first way to which the Catholic Church responded to the Reformation process was by reforming itself from within; therefore, liturgical leaders accepted the fact that the Church needed some form of change . This change would help in gaining the trust of the lost followers or black sheep.
The Roman Catholic Church started to execute heretics; they even went ahead and started burning Protestant literature and Bibles. Members of the Catholic Church ensured that they destroyed all the evidence and books related to the Protestant Church . People who belonged to the Catholic Church started to travel all over the world as Missionaries, and their main aim was to convert people to Catholicism.
The Roman Catholic Church responded in very many ways to curb the Reformation process. They were intended to ensure that the Protestant Church will not succeed; hence, they had to do everything to suppress the Reformation. Generally, it is safe to say that the Catholic Church had a negative response to the Reformation process.

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August 09, 2021

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