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Performance is a path that people want to follow, making choices and taking actions purely for the purpose of being wealthy. The screenplay for Enrico Casarosa's award-winning short film "La Luna" is about a young boy who works with his father and grandfather. They all fly across oceans, and the boy's job is to brush the moon's tiny lights. As seen, the boy's father has one method for sweeping the stars down, while his grandfather has a different method for the same mission. They also have contrasting opinions about how the boy can work. Regrettably, the consequence of their different ideologies leads to constant fights and arguments which confuses the boy. Incidentally, an enormous star lands on the moon and it is too big to sweep away. Given their infighting, it makes the boy to think critically and find his method to remove the big star and saving the day ultimately. He shows that he is capable of creating new ideas thus resolving the arguments between his father and grandfather unexpectedly. In the short film, Pixar’s moral message encourages people to follow their path, and this is helpful because it sheds light on the challenging problems of an individuals’ uniqueness in his quest of becoming successful in life.

In the short film, "La Luna," the audience is presented with a man and his elder who tend to have different characteristics in life and try to influence a young boy’s way. The author of Pixar affirms that "the grandfather moves his traditional broom with precision while the father wields a push-broom for increased efficiency." (Pixar). Consequently, this is important because, as the author of Pixar demonstrates, the two men have different techniques for using the broom. Moreover, as we have seen in the movie, they tried to influence the boy based on their method of using the mop to sweep off the stars. Consequently, they started arguing, and the young boy becomes extremely confused. He did not know how to react to such a situation. His identity was at risk. They both tried to influence the young boy to think and act in a certain way. The message relates to real life whereby Parents, family members, relatives, and even teachers influence the lives of many young individuals. They all try to mold children in a certain way. However, when they disagree on something it makes it problematic for the children to unfold their authentic personalities. The boy reveals his actual character when he and his family encounter a problem on the moon.

In general, when people encounter problems in their life, they try to solve them to the best of their ability. The Same concept applies in the short movie. As the massive star lands on the moon's surface and gets stuck into the ground, it created the central conflict in the film which had a powerful ending. The two men tried to solve the problem the best way they know how but nothing worked. Then, the young boy advances the giant star with his wide eyes and curiosity. He interacted with the big star, and it seemed like the boy had a clear understanding of how to solve the problem. We noticed that as soon as he picked up the hammer and turned his hat backward, a considerable change happened. Let's dissect this even more and discuss what happened when the boy shifted his hat to face behind and what were the variations. We knew that the boy solved the problem by himself.

More specifically, the moment he set his cap backward, he knew that he formed his new identity. He was getting tired of the older men arguing and trying to manipulate him. The young man wanted separation from the older men. He stopped listening to them. The boy shows his uniqueness by turning his hat backward, and at this point, the boy seemed extremely confident. He climbed to the giant star and solved the huge problem as well as the feud between his father and grandfather. The boy was able to succeed without the influence of others. The two examples that I have discussed represent the theme for the entire movie.

By the end of the movie, the young boy found his path to success. He was able to discover his own identity without the help of others. The young boy was capable of solving a problem that seemed impossible for the older men. When the star landed on the moon, the boy finds his method to eliminate the big star and ultimately saves the day. He shows that he is independent and capable of creating new ideas on his own. It is important to note that the movie is called "La Luna"; which means “the moon.” The moon proposes only one period of a continuous cycle. One day the kid will grow up, and his child will unexpectedly encounter a similar thing.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the simplicity as well as the visuals of the film. Moreover, other than becoming a happy family at the end, I liked the boy's idea of doing something unique having ignored his father and grandfather’s ideas. By leaving them arguing on the best approach to dealing with the problem, he identified the best strategy to solve the problem. It shows that anyone can do anything irrespective of other people thoughts. The lesson is that we should give children some freedom so that they can develop their ideas and capabilities in life. Children are adept at many things, and they can be just as smart as adults. Parents should not limit their influence on children. Preferably, they should let the kids be themselves and experience life on their own.

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October 25, 2022

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