The song Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

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Demi Lovato's song Skyscraper is incredibly intriguing due to its influential message. The way the performer performs the music, the structure of the instrumentals, and the setting of the video are all factors in my decision to analyze the song. The song inspires me to face whatever obstacles I face, no matter how large or small. Various elements enrich the album, elevating it beyond all others. Because of its sense and organization, the song's message appeals to nearly all listeners. The artist offers those facing adversity a voice of hope. The album is classified as electro-pop and pop. It is from her Unbroken album that the song came from back in the year 2011. Hollywood Records released the song in 2011 as a single taken out of the same album. Since then, the song has had over two hundred views on YouTube.

Demi Lovato was born in 1992 in New Mexico, United States. She is professionally a singer, actress, and songwriter ( In the year 2009, she rose among her ranks after featuring in the program Camp Rock which is a Disney production. Her single release 'This is Me,' popularized her more as it hit position 9 of the Billboard Hot 100 ( The artists' unveiling album first appeared second on the US Billboard 200. In the year 2010, the life of Lovato drastically changed upon being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The same year she received treatment for eating disorder and addiction. Her health issues greatly affected her career. After completing her therapy, she started working on the album 'Unbounded,' which had a single hit song, 'Skyscraper.' Skyscraper turned out to be number two in the top ten songs of the US. As a call to her tough medical condition, Lovato embarked on the song. Skyscraper is an original composition. Demi Lovato is the singer while Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad, and Kerli Koiv were the composers ( The song was later in 2011 translated to and sung in Spanish and given the title of "Rascacielo.' Lovato has an extraordinary personality since she has a relentless spirit.

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The song can appeal to the general audience. The uncertainty and dynamism of life captured by the song have inspired me to face my personal challenges courageously. The song talks about strength and the rising above the difficulties and suffering that we face in life. All people have a struggle unique to their experiences. In the first verse, the song mentions that 'Skies are crying, I am watching.' She is showing deep emotion that she likens to the crying of the skies. The element of shading of tears in a song brings out the theme of sorrow and suffering. The following phrase 'catching teardrops in my hand' indicates the linking she has towards her suffering and rain as the symbol. In speaking of silence as a conclusion she draws out an indication of the relief you will get when the problem you are facing is over. Silence is a sign of peace, as per Lovato, because she has hope and belief that she will overcome her difficulties. The energy directed to suffering will, in turn, ruin someone's dreams. The last sentence in stanza one, 'Is it mandatory for you to have the idea that I have lost everything?' is a rhetorical question. The oppressor may think to have pleasure in your suffering, however, the more you struggle to unchain yourself the quicker the oppressor becomes the oppressed.

In the opening seconds of the song the pulsing piano and the scene of an iced desolate place in combination with a voice resonating gradually from the background are indicators of the susceptibility of the singer. The wind blows through the area, and the singer is walking alone in such an unforgiving condition. The road she travels has the impression of a journey in a troubling environment. The cold wind blowing indicates her difficult path. The wind seems to blow her clothes indicating the subjective nature of difficulties. The opening instrumentals have a gradual increase in loudness, indicating a crescendo followed by a firm voice. The voice is a cry for help. As the song evolves, heavy bass beats and deep breathy backing sounds accompany the piano. The item begins soft (piano), gradually shifting and building the capacity from piano to mezzo forte which is moderately loud using and estimated tempo of 140 beats per minute. After the first verse, the voice tone changes to indicate the victory that she has had.

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Skyscraper is an exceptional song that talks about being able to survive any difficulty. The imagery of the real skyscraper tells about everything. Skyscrapers are building that rise above all. The central meaning of the song builds upon freedom and peace experienced through encountering life challenges. The song implies that other buildings are the obstacles and hindrances around you: loss of loved one or friendship, harassment, abuse, hate, and failure. Skyscrapers are built to be higher than other buildings indicating the breakthrough as one of the ways of standing out from the rest. In her song, the following words set the mood, 'You are at liberty to disenfranchise me of every possession, you are at liberty to destroy my very being. I just like a product of glass as though I am a product of paper, crush me to insignificance. I still rise form the odds just like a skyscraper.' To defeat an opponent is to stand out like a skyscraper. A skyscraper is a symbol of excellence, victory, independence and freedom from the oppressor.

Skyscraper is a song with good harmony, melody, and rhythm. The song arrangement reveals the songs enriching pedigree, shed light on the imaginative procedure, and make known music's association. Mezzo-soprano is the voice registered by Lovato. The beginning of the song starts with quivering vocals, with resonance, and sentimental susceptibility. The chorus is expressive, influential, steady, clear tone, like a "cry for help" which is the vocal style. So basically, it has a homophonic consistency. It has a piano accompaniment that is in harmony with the main melody. The crescendo is distinguished as the song progresses. After the bridge, the song lowers to mezzo piano, then again to forte as the loudest and highest climax of the song. The first production of the song, "Skyscraper" was done in 2010 by Studio City, Los Angeles in 2010. It followed that Lovato went into therapy and came out after treatment and recorded the song again. Initially, the voice was damaged, she never bothered to conceal this secret to anyone. Ideally, this led to the damaging of her voice. Toward the end of the year 2010, she finally decided to seek medical advice and was therefore taken to therapy. She underwent treatment for her addiction and eating disorder. Afterward, in 2011, she could record the song with Hollywood Records Inc.

Time signature in all the song has a steady time signature of 4/4. The genre the song is electro pop. The video ambiance is another thing to consider. The song begins as she walks the alone on the road. The follows the sun shining, an indicator that hope was shining to her as the sun will melt the ice. The broken glass is another symbol of broken relationship, because she had undergone such a difficult time in her life. In conclusion, the song has such a big and deep message of freedom from bondage. The one thing that can keep you fighting is the endurance in hardships. Like a skyscraper there is hope for everyone who seeks to overcome the challenges that are encountered every day.

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