The Strategy of Dominos

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The Target Corporation

The second-largest mass merchandiser and retailer in America is Target Corporation. The business charges fair prices for both attractive, distinctive products and daily necessities. The company has a completely integrated web operation, which has given it access to millions of individuals worldwide and allowed them to access, select, and place orders for everything they desire. The organization's main products include groceries, pet supplies, home accents, prescription drugs, clothing and footwear, electronics, and fashion. Additionally, it extends credit to eligible candidates via its branded proprietary credit cards. It typically succeeds in generating sales of roughly $50 billion every year. Target is committed to providing inexpensive but quite an excellent experience for their customers. Target has made it cheaper for customers to acquire goods as a competitive strategy against Wal-Mart and Amazon (Shelley, 2011). It distributes its merchandise using a network of distribution centers, accompanied by third parties and direct shipping from vendors; this makes it run ahead of Brick and Mortar. Also, Target through its website,, and branded proprietary Target debit card provides its general merchandise. The merchandise has a logo called the ‘BULLS EYE' that is used for most of its advertisements because it is known to customers. Through its social responsibility, the target has managed to promote a positive image for itself. Through these activities, the target has managed to stay ahead of their competitors and be liked by most customers.

Customer Intimacy

Target has created a positive image in their customer’s minds by being considered an upscale discount store. The company does this by using significant designers that different design products to meet the customer's needs which have helped it to ensure that most of its consumers are satisfied. The organization has also put into consideration the fact some buyers like to use the internet to search what they need. The corporation has a website that customers can review, choose the best at an affordable price and buy the product online without going to the store. For a customer to be willing to pay more for items, the shopping atmosphere should be that one that makes them feel well treated and appreciated (Target Corporation, 2010).

The company introduced a variety of designs as a way to ensure that customers get different experiences. The products given are of fun and trendy, and they are available for general merchandise. Target uses the ‘Bulls Eye logo' that is recognized by almost all Americans. The prices are also low that entice customers compared to their competitors. Customers are provided with Visa credit card service that helps the customer to be able to buy products and receive a discount by just using the credit card (Hauss, 2010). The clients also have a social media page where they can complain in case they are not satisfied with the product or services, and this creates rapport between the customers and the corporation.

Product Leadership

The value of product leadership helps target to be creative and look for ideas outside the merchandise then use them to achieve better results. Product leadership entails a continuous readiness to pursue new solutions to the problems that may arise due to new products in the market. Target at some point in 2008 experienced low sales because their competitors were providing discounts to customers. The company managed to alter its price but still maintained high standard quality. They came up with phrases such As “FRESH FOR LESS” and “NEW WAY TO SAVE” to communicate their marketing focus. Target altered its marketing message just to address the slow economic times which reveals that they were ready to offer new solutions (Target Marketing Department, 2012).


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March 02, 2023

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