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The summary of the article is google making us stupid?

Is Google causing us to be stupid? According to Nicholas Carr, the internet is transforming the way we read and the amount of time we spend researching. In his book The Shallows, Nicholas Carr makes the argument that owing to the distractive nature of emerging technologies and the internet, fewer people are likely to be interested in reading lengthy works of contemplative literature. According to the article Is Google Making Us Dumb? the author states that the Net has become one of the most powerful technologies that alter the mind of people. Instead of the deep reading that people previously did, the internet has led to a form of skimming activity where individual hops from one source of information to the other without revisiting the earlier source.

Carr uses the example of the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. He asserts that Nietzsche changed the way he wrote his article after starting to use a typewriter instead of writing by hand his works. Like the typewriter, the author argues that people are changing the way they used to read whereby one does not look at an article deeper but just skims over the article. Carr accuses the technological firms postulating that they like when people move from one link to the other. The more a person clicks different links, the more money these companies make. As such, there is no motivation among them to produce materials that people can read leisurely. The author concludes the article by quoting Kubrick. Carr concludes that the more we rely on computers to help us understand the world; our intelligence becomes more like an artificial intelligence.

July 24, 2021

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