The Time Machine and The Machine Stops

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The Stories The Time Machine profoundly portrays mankind as peaceful; yet there is the great ambition of a man derived from greed, who is trying to make his way to the future, and it inevitably turns to be devastating. At the beginning of the chapters, The Time Traveller was disappointed by the supposedly evolved human race Eloi (Hammond 9). He is filled with the fascination of the wells, driven by his vanity, and finds the Morlocks and their secret technologies. Time Traveler thought that he was traveling as far as he could in the future, oblivious of how dangerous this could be. On the other hand, The Machine Stops is a short tale about how the world's climate was debased so much that people needed to make due in a machine which was made underneath the outside layer of the universe. After some time the machine begins to control the people, yet all through the story the vast majority of the people don't see this and they trust the machine does what is best for them. As such, this paper will critically analyze, compare, and contrast the events that occurred on both The Time Machine and The Machine Stops story in regards to the visions of the future. The setting of these books is all about the future and also the present. For instance, The Time Machine story takes place in the year 802700, and also the present is evident when The Time Traveler is describing his research.

The arrival of the Time Traveler in the year 802,700 is described as problematic because the present time in the story the Time Machine is very good. It is a good comparison of the way business is run today and how we use dialogue to get things done (Hammond 25). Similarly, in the story, The machine stops it is explained that it is the human being who contaminate the earth meaning it was a nice place to be before the contamination. The plot summary of both stories is somehow similar because, in the story, The Machine Stops the two characters Vashti and Kuno are having a dialogue. Vashti is much the same as every other person in the machine; eats, rests, washes and addresses all from one room. Gradually all through the story, she begins loving the machine furtively, at whatever point Kuno says something terrible in regards to the machine Vashti dependably calls it impiety, profanation is the point at which somebody affronts god or something sacrosanct. Kuno then again is special, he emerges of the group and not at all like the general population in the machine `doesn’t he have any trust in the machine. He is an extremely decided individual, all through the story he reminds his mom that "man made the machine" he tries to disclose to her that the machine will stop, notwithstanding she rejects him each time and her confidence in the machine stays steadfast (Battaglia 36). In The Time Machine, we see a group of men including the narrator all listening to the Time Traveler as he describes his theory that time in the fourth dimension. The Time Traveler produces a smaller than expected time machine and influences it to vanish immediately and inexplicably. The following week, the visitors return, to discover their host lurch in, looking rumpled and tired. They take a seat after supper, and the Time Traveler begins his story.

Both narrators of the Time Machine and The Machine Stops had the vision of the future, with its troglodytic Morlocks, plummeted from the regular workers of his day and the pretty however defenseless Eloi regressed from the recreation class, may appear to be an old-fashioned political hypothesis (Battaglia 44). It rose out of the worry for social equity that attracted Wells to the Fabian Society and enlivened quite a bit of his later written work. However, the time has not diminished the interest of the circumstance and the loathsomeness of the symbolism. The Time Machine and the Machine stop stories brought these concerns into his fiction. They are, too, involved the future, but a future imagined with greater realism and in greater detail than earlier stories of the future. It also introduced, for the first time in fiction, the notion of a machine for traveling in time.

Technically, it is important to note that several scenes in the story The Time Machine are computer generated. For instance, there is a 33-second scene that captures the time machine located in a workshop. The camera hauls out, going through New York City and after that into space, past the ISS, and closures with a space plane arriving at the moon to uncover earth's future lunar states (Hammond 69). Plants and structures are indicated jumping up and after that being supplanted by new development in a steady cycle. In later shots, the impacts group utilized a disintegration calculation to carefully reproduce the Earth's scene changing as the centuries progressed. On the other hand, the story of The Machine Stops embraces computer generated scenes too. The lack of human contact helped me understand why the humans in this story were very protective of the machine. Since birth the machine was all it had, babies normally look for some mother figure it's in our nature. Could it be possible that as infants they began to view the Machine as that? A mother figure that would be able to give them the protection and comfort that they as humans looked for. The committee was in control of life, they decided how many births were allowed and how many deaths were to be given, and humans needed permission for everything. They would request the permission of father or mother a child but since birth, the child would be taken to their room and would be cared for by the machines and the cycle begins again. I questioned why humans would request permission if they had no physical contact with the baby throughout its life, they don't take care of it. Technically with the machine, the baby doesn't need its parents. I returned to the idea of human nature; where a baby needs to be given comfort maybe adults need to give it, one way or another (Battaglia 64). We are dependent creatures, in “The Machine Stops” humans just depended on the wrong thing.

What a splendid about the two stories, it's significance ought not to be downplayed. Forster's feeling of a future society is maybe one of the nearest to our own cutting-edge interconnected web culture that could have been envisioned in 1909; it is by all accounts a forerunner for Well and numerous others. Instead of composing an ordinary audit I need to quickly contrast segment of these books with a little bit of work from both the machine stops and the time machine.

The stories are similar to such a significant number of early SF books, is basically worried about the approaching threats of present-day innovation. Kuro, in the quote above, is communicating is his acknowledgment that the Machine which controls every one of the parts of their day by day lives is no longer at the administration of the individuals who utilize it, it was made keeping in mind the end goal to help humankind, yet it includes now detained humankind inside its own framework; it depends on the power which humankind creates to bear without anyone else development. The man has turned out to be innovatively quieted by being given anything it could require at the touch of a catch. Here the parallels with movies, for example, The Matrix are irrefutable, yet there are likewise parallels with the more conventional philosophical. There is an immediate correlation between Forster's quote above to a quote from Stiegler's For a New Critique of Political Economy, titled 'Proletarianization as loss of information'.

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October 13, 2022

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