The topic of workplace diversity ethics

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Diversity and Company Success

Diversity is one of the tactics that propel companies to the top of their sectors and gives them a strategic edge in their markets. Nonetheless, despite the benefits diversity provides to a company, some fail to implement it while others do so effortlessly. These shortcomings, according to Thomas Delong, can be due to employee perceptions and obstacles to transition.

Challenges Faced by Minorities

Some companies do not have procedures in place to remove bigotry on the part of their employees, and as a result, minorities face hostility from their peers as well as the overall system. As a result, qualified and aspiring applicants shy away from positions offered by the firm. Further, the minority groups and women face various barriers especially as they try to balance their profession and family expectations. Qualified professional often leave their positions due to unfavorable work arrangements that require them to make choices between their roles as parents and as employees.

Effective Implementation of Diversity

To effectively implement diversity in workplaces, leaders ought to ensure the entire organization is committed to the change. This transition should start by identifying the current diverse group the organization is serving, their needs, how to reach them through diversity, and whether there is need to employ or improve the available team. Rather than exclusively assigning the decision to top management only, all the employees in the organization should be involved in the process to ensure they embrace and accept the changes. Accountability will aid in preserving and pushing the process to success.

The Benefits of Diversity

I agree an organization should make a commitment to diversity because of the advantages it gains through the strategy. Diversity enables an enterprise to acquire a wide array of customers in addition to expanding and achieving its core social responsibility roles. Overall when organizations foster diversity, they enhance and promote peace even in society.

November 17, 2022

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