The Transition of Newly Registered Nurses

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I decided to pay attention to the nursing problem associated with the discrimination and bullying issues facing new and continuing nurses in clinical settings. Generally, reality shock is a common issue that is faced by newly registered (NR) nurses, and it is significant for a nurse to be prepared to encounter it when in the field. Newly registered (NR) nurses face various difficulties as they get to the place of work. A number of these issues include; the capability to deal with shift work, as well as rotating rosters, a familiarity discrepancy or else the attitude of ‘know it all,' efficient administration of the accessible time, and being with the accountability for the patients (Parker et al., 2014). Fatigue is another problem in the nursing practice because of facing new tasks and being required to put the effort in their assigned shifts. This will be an issue to solve since newly registered nurses are needed to work in collaboration with the experienced nurses. We need to adhere to the policies and guidelines leading to the effective transition of newly registered nurses. For instance, reality shock, fatigue, and workplace violence might increasingly affect the NR nurses. It requires team work to get a solution to this. Every nurse transitioned from nurse student to newly registered nurse and knowing the challenges; this would help us to look for the appropriate changes (Suresh, Matthews, & Coyne, 2013). Other nurses care about duties being played rather than new nurse challenges. It will require much effort to solve this issue for all newly registering nurses.

Among the approaches to the challenge were:

Provision of support for the newly registered nurses on duty

Working as a team comprising of newly registered nurses and experienced nurses

Providing minimal and simple tasks to the newly RNs

Engaging the newly RNs in the decision-making process

Making the transition process accommodative by introducing every task at a time.

The above ideas are effective as they enhance the satisfaction of newly registered nurses, as they engage in the transition process. The approaches make the newly RNs feel welcomed and strengthened to serve clients.

As a team, we identified the need to connect the newly registered nurses with the veteran nurses in different tasks for them to improve their experience and to have courage in serving patients and doing other duties.

The above solution is creative since, through the teamwork, the reality shock and fatigue will be no more, as the newly registered nurses will follow the steps of the veteran nurses. Allowing the newly registered nurses to perform their tasks under the supervision and guidance of the experienced and skilled nurses will enhance their courage. The solution is reasonable there have been cases of newly registered nurses leaving their profession because of poor transition. It is powerful given that teamwork and support are essential aspects of enabling the performance of the newly registered nurses.

A personal determination is another solution that is self-driven

By understanding this issue that affects NR nurses in their practice, it would be of great help to NR nurses during the transition to the professional practice. This is where they will need to be prepared to face the above challenges and develop the necessary tactics to deal with them effectively. They will manage to deal with the reality shock by being prepared to practice in the nursing field and will seek for the necessary support to enable them to have an effective practice. They will be ready to work for extended hours to improve their nursing skills and to gain more experience in their nursing practice. They will ensure that they are always on the right to avoid workplace violence and will fight for their rights by reporting different issues that tend to challenge them especially when delegated duties that are beyond their capacity (Suresh, Matthews, & Coyne, 2013). When faced with problems with the patients, they will need to be reporting the matter to their supervisor to avoid more conflict with the clients. In general, this will enable them to have a successful transition process for professional practice. This solution is creative as it supports the NR nurses to adopt the work environment effectively.

We presented the solution through the suggestive open discussion.

My presentation was addressed to my peers. My ideas were positively accepted, and the majority of them were willing to support me in carrying out the particular program shortly. I presented the ideas through a group conversation, which involved identifying the present rate of newly registered nurses leaving their profession. The team was pleased with my ideas about the encouragement of teamwork and support to the NR nurses and the suggestion about what NR nurses should do to enhance their courage. The team focused more on proper welcoming approaches to the NR nurses; whereby they should be offered simple tasks to enhance their adoption of the clinical setting.

My team and I realized that it is possible to come up with great ideas that would aid in solving a general problem in the nursing field. I learned that for one to design an approach that would effectively be followed in solving a problem, collaboration with the team members is necessary. I gained insights that delivery was successful because of the strength of my ideas.

We would involve a large group of audience in the problem-solving practice as this would make the conduct of the approach more effective.

My problem-solving capability was good although I need some improvements. My ideas were efficient and successful in solving the identified problem.


Parker, V., Giles, M., Lantry, G., & McMillan, M. (2014). New graduate nurses' experiences in their first year of practice. Nurse Education Today, 34(1), 150-156.

Suresh, P., Matthews, A., & Coyne, I. (2013). Stress and stressors in the clinical environment: a comparative study of fourth‐year student nurses and newly qualified general nurses in Ireland. Journal of clinical nursing, 22(5-6), 770-779.

October 13, 2023

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