The Uncanny and Silence

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The uncanny is a psychological state of strangeness, or creepiness. It describes things that we're familiar with but in an unnatural, taboo, or weird context. It's a feeling of discomfort that can be incredibly frightening. If you have ever felt this way, you're not alone.

Sigmund Freud's theory of the uncanny

In 1919, Sigmund Freud published an essay entitled The Uncanny, which argued that the uncanny is the translation of the familiar into the terrifying. The essay was wildly popular with artists working in various mediums and struck a chord with many, particularly after the First World War.

The Uncanny is a type of paranormal experience, wherein inanimate objects appear to come to life and represent real-world effects. This phenomenon can also include representations of death. Freud viewed such instances as the return of the repressed. He also noted that waxwork dolls, automata, and severed limbs are examples of uncanny situations. Artists have explored these themes, including Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.

Uncanny valley

The uncanny valley is an aesthetic concept that refers to the relationship between the resemblance of an object to a human being and the emotional response to that object. It applies to a wide variety of situations, from science fiction to advertising, from movies to music. The concept has been studied since the 1950s.

Researchers have found that human-like robots evoke a sense of unease among viewers. Specifically, the lack of an upper facial expression in a robotic character makes them appear unfriendly. Startled faces also evoke feelings of unease. But good design can alleviate these feelings. And as technology improves, we may be relying more on robotics to help people with disabilities.


Unheimlich is a German word that means "not" or "uncomfortable." It can also mean mysterious, unhidden, or "unsecret." Unheimlich is an interesting word to use when describing something that should not be known. However, it can be a problem when describing places that are not normally known to the general public.

Historically, the concept of the unheimlich was first introduced by a German psychiatrist in the mid-19th century, though it was not until 1909 that the word began to be used as a synonym for 'uncanny'. Sigmund Freud would later elaborate on the term in his 1919 essay 'Das Unheimliche'. The definition of unheimlich varies from culture to culture, but it usually describes something that is secret or unfamiliar but that is not homely.


Freud argued that homeliness and unhomeliness are antithetical concepts. His argument hinges on the word heimlich, which means'secret', and suggests that homeliness is the protection of one's secrets, whereas unhomeliness is the absence of familiarity.

The uncanny is an interplay of lightness and darkness. It is what is revealed or brought to light, or comes to light. Freud's essay emphasizes the visual aspects of uncanny experience, the things that come into view, and the ways they are revealed to the eye. Lightness and darkness are closely related and intertwined.


Uncanny is an adjective that describes unexplained observations or circumstances. It shares semantic territory with words like clever and prudent. It comes from an early Scottish word meaning "free of risk." In its secondary meaning, it also implies "wise and prudent." The Oxford English Dictionary reports that uncanny also includes negative constructions.

Uncanny Vision develops next-generation intelligent surveillance solutions that use artificial intelligence to analyze the environment around a camera. This technology provides businesses with the ability to see and understand their surroundings instantly. These cameras use real-time AI/deep learning algorithms that learn from their surroundings.


Silence and the uncanny are themes in a number of literary works. The first novel in this collection, "Silence Once Begun", is about a journalist, Jesse Ball, who, after losing a bet with two people, decides to sign a confession to a crime he did not commit. In the aftermath of the Narito Disappearances, which occurred over a period of four months, the public suffered a moral panic. To deal with this panic, the public needs a scapegoat, and Jesse Ball offers himself up.


The uncanny and darkness are semantically related words. They refer to a phenomenon that is beyond human understanding. Darkness has a slightly different meaning than uncanny, but both are used synonymously. The uncanny is a condition that can make people uncomfortable or fearful.

Darkness is the absence of light, but it can also be the presence of light. Its absence creates space for thought and deliberation. It can be felt in corners and overhangs. It can also be felt in the darkness that is inherent to the atmosphere and matter.

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