The Uninvited Guest

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Uninvited Guest is a thriller film from 1999 that starred Mari Morrow, Malinda Williams, and Mekhi Phifer. The film was directed by Timothy Wayne Folsome. In this film, a young girl is mistaken for a house guest, and the consequences are deadly.

The Uninvited Guest was the result of the deceased's unbridled greed. The Uninvited Guest stayed in the shadows of the dead, but he was able to sense the truth about the mourners. As the Uninvited Guest watched the grieving family members, he was able to track down the last of the galleons and steal the house.

The word "uninvited" has many synonyms. It can mean arts, instructions, familiarities, lights, masteries, vocabulary, and grasps. In this sense, an uninvited guest is someone who is uninvited, but is still welcome. However, a houseguest should be invited when they have something valuable to offer.

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