The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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People's elementary rights are certain acts, environments, and sovereignties that all people are entitled to rejoice in, by their humanity's dignity. The Universal Declaration contains the fundamental rights and liberties of mankind (Steiner, Philip and Ryan Henry, 520). As a critical certificate closely related to peace, the UDHR was proclaimed a landmark for the protection of humanity's civil liberties and the beginning of a system. In 1948, in the United States, a major development towards human rights took place. A thirty-page paper certifying the UDHR was issued by the UN. There are doctrines of international law that mostly consist of conventions, negotiations between sovereign states (Steiner, Philip and Ryan Henry, 562). Enforcement of international human rights laws treaties ratifies commitment to appreciate civil liberties plus guarantee that their internal code is well-matched with international regulation.

The argument between international human rights standards and humanitarian law is dubious among international law scholars. The argument primarily falls under the discussions on fragmentation of international laws. When questioning the universality of human rights, the use of legal and cultural variable are considered as not important to clarify the issue (Claude and Weston 6). Even though pluralist scholars apprehend intercontinental human constitutional rights as though are distinct from the Intercontinental humanitarian act, supporters of the constitutionalist line of attack regard the latter as a subset of the former. Therefore, those who support humanitarian laws as self-governed regimes lay emphasis on their differences in applicability and claim that this law applies only during armed conflict. Contrary, others view the humanitarian law in a perspective that it represents a function of international human rights standards; to which it consists of overall norms that apply to everyone all the time (Newman and Weissbrodt 2). Also, some specific rules apply to particular circumstances like the armed conflict between state and military occupation (Newman and Weissbrodt 5).

Scholars_x0092_ argument on sovereignty nations is that some policies of the intercontinental by-law have not evidently distinct their boundaries. Claude and Weston (13) warn by stipulating that people across the globe will be watching the first changes in the falsifying of a New Universal directive that weakens national independence and permits proprietors of greater soldierly force to command the initial conditions of domestic_x0092_s life over other nations lacking even the formal procedure of the defeat. On the hand, the United Nations responded towards this claim and stated that it has an obligation to protect the essential civil rights as well as the equal constitutional rights of states regardless whether it is large or small.

According to Claude and Weston (6), the role of the charter is to safeguard the regional uprightness as well as the freedom of individual nations. The letter appears to prevent intrusion in a country_x0092_s internal activities if not the Security Council asserts a circumstance a risk to global harmony and safety as well as explicitly approves intervention (Newman and Weissbrodt 8). He further contends that legal and related cultural variables are not the most important factors to clarify in raising questions about the scope and universality of human rights. He seeks to link human rights performance with diverse social and political system.

Human rights activist Jean Bodin stated that humankind universal liberties are the banks of the river and life uses the path to flow in freedom and self-worth (Claude and Weston 4). It raises the question directed towards United Nation which is, does the U.N affirmation of rights of citizenship embrace significance in today_x0092_s culture? I accept as true UN has ventured huge vital roles in the current state of civilization and hence does hold worth. Following the increased number of countries in the world, their interdependence towards each other will be a growing need for the international group to act as mediators, guardians, and diplomats without becoming world police.

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October 25, 2022

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