the verizon strike

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The 45-day Verizon strike, which concluded on June 1st, demonstrated that if workers of a company would collaborate with the general population, the corporation can be defeated at its own game. Verizon, one of the biggest telecommunications providers in the United States, has been accused of greed for threatening to slash workers' insurance and healthcare coverage, laid off a vast number of workers, and relocating its call activities to low-wage countries. This necessitated a strike led by the workers representing their employees (Dimaggio, 2016). Communication Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) were the unions involved (Giambusso, 2016). Firstly, the public openly supported the strike as can be evidenced by the general approval of the strike by the public. For instance During the first day of the strike when one hundred and fifty members of the union got front row seats for Bernie senders address at New York’s Washington square park. One of the strikers, Corrigan's recalls that they were greeted as conquering heroes (Giambusso, 2016). This reception highlights the fact that the public was aware of the strike and it was in full support of it. It also shows that the strikers had gained the recognition and as such as they were seen as “heroes “for standing up for their rights (Dimaggio, 2016). The public had recognized the bravery on the part of the Verizon workers to stand up and demand their rights. Verizon is one of the biggest companies in America in the united based on its turn over reports and financial statements. Thus, individuals marching against some of the unethical corporate activities require bravery. The public applauding the actions in meetings goes in a long way giving the strikers renewed hope and strength to fight for their rights.

Secondly, leaders also supported the strike. Leaders are the reflection of the society. Thus what the leaders say are a reflection of what the society would have. Senator Bernie Sanders in his public address fully supported the workers and castigated the corporate for its greed (Giambusso, 2016). Besides when, a section of east coast mayors were lambasting the company for its inability to provide high-speed FIOS to low-income neighborhoods; they linked it with the strike. According to them the poor quality and indiscriminate service provided was due to unsatisfied and unmotivated employees (Dimaggio, 2016). Thus by addressing those issues, they were perceived to be in full support of the workers' strikes. This support by leaders renewed the members' hope and determination to continue striking. As it gave them the notion that their representatives (leaders) were in full support of the strike, thus increasing their desire to go on strike.

In addition, the public openly supported the strikers by provisions of resources to them. The strikers had pizzas, bagels, coffee and water delivered to them daily during the pickets. Besides some individuals and groups would join the strikers in the pickets. The public did not criticize them for their strike. According to one of the strikers, Galpern individuals and groups would approach them on a daily basis to adopt a wireless store (Giambusso, 2016). Besides members of the public in Staten Island Ferry pledged not to buy Verizon’s products until the strike ends. They also pledged not to cancel the strike if it would persist June 10.

The other open support from the public was through other unions’ support of the strike. Members of other unions would come and assist the strikers to picket and adopting wireless stores (Dimaggio, 2016). The Healthcare in union planned on commemoration the strikes one-month anniversary on June 1. The following day the union would go on to call for national action. This support from members of other unions further cements the assertion that the public was fully aware of the strike and unanimously supported the strikers.

In conclusion having shown that the members of the public were in open support of the strike through their public approval of the strike, their leaders criticisms of Verizon, their support of the strikers by giving them food and their involvement in the picketing we see that the public together with the strikers helped in heaping more pressure on Verizon. Consequently, Verizon gave in to the strikers demands. This calls for unit among all members of the public, whenever their employers genuinely oppress some of them


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November 17, 2022


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