The wireless technology

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As used in industry, wireless networking offers the following benefits. For starters, wireless networking promotes versatility and teamwork. Employees in a company with a wireless LAN can reach the network from anywhere in the workplace without missing the link (Ciampa, 2013). Furthermore, since everyone in the team room has access to wireless networking, staff can collaborate more efficiently. Second, wireless networking makes it easier to respond. According to Ciampa (2013), wireless LAN allows one to access the information that he or she requires at any time. It also has better customer support. Since customers are concerned about quick feedbacks to their queries, the use of wireless communication will improve customer service since staff can connect to the information they need. Third, wireless communication results in better access to information. Businesses that use wireless LANs have an advantage since they can add wireless access points in hard-to-reach areas (Ciampa, 2013). For instance, a company can install a wireless LAN in a warehouse since it would be difficult to connect such premises with a wired network thus making it easier for employees to check and manage inventory.

Fourth, wireless communication enhances guest access. With a wireless network, businesses can provide customers with a secure network access. Moreover, in the case of hotels or restaurants, businesses can use the wireless network as a value-added service thus attracting them to buy their products. Fifth, with a wireless network, businesses can have easier network expansion. The flexibility of the wireless LANs benefits business that needs to reconfigure their offices or add more employees (Ciampa, 2013). Sixth, wireless communication is cost effective. Multinational companies require large network; therefore, it is more expensive for them to install wired network compared to using wireless technology. A wireless network is easier and cheaper to install with no additional costs for scaling up.


Ciampa, M. D. (2013). CWNA guide to wireless LANs. Boston, Mass: Course Technology, Cengage Learning

December 21, 2022

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