Theater technologies as used in the Toy Story

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In the years the theater has grown from first plays into silent films, animated films or, today, high-budget CGI-rided Live-Action films. Theater has been delivering material to public viewers. The hot movie "Andy's toys," Toy Story, which has proven to have true and sentient lives beyond their relationship with their creator, received immediate critical applause and international theater recognition. However in no small part due to the marvels of modern technology, the animated masterpiece was conceived and subsequently made. Using powerful software and hardware, animators in the late 20th century and onwards have been able to create entire fictional worlds from scratch. In this regard, by evaluating the implications of technology in theater, particularly in animated films, is critical to understanding their enhancing or diminishing nature to the world of cinema.

However, the question still remains, do these technological influences enhance or inhibit the theatrical experience and by extension, the narrative itself? To this, I would have to say that technological advancements in the film industry have added greatly to the quality of cinema both in presentation as well as in the story. In Pixar’s Toy Story, technology enables the use of highly unique and captivating character models, with features that accentuate their innate characters. Regarding sound, using the latest and most precise sound capturing and manipulation hardware and software enabled Toy Story to have an intense soundtrack that captures every moment and resonate the audience with the film’s story. While Pixar’s 1995 classic has a strong narrative with plenty of dangerous, joyous and at times, nail-biting suspense, were it to be released without the enhancements offered by contemporary animation technology, it would probably not have commanded as large a global following as it does not.

December 15, 2021


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