Theory of religion science and literature

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According to the theory of human evolution, humans descended from an ape-like ancestor. Christianity, for example, teaches that people were made by God. The theory of origin describes the similarity between religion science and literature. There were no witnesses to the sources of both hypotheses. We have never seen or witnessed an ape transform into a human being, for example, and the events are both distinct and identical. The gods were known as humans by the ancient Greeks. The gods were given bodies that resembled those of humans in their imaginations and literature (Tam and J. C. 517). The gods could marry and have children a similar way to people. The gods had a relationship with man through the intervention of human affairs.

The formal rituals carried out include animal sacrifices. There were myths for instance that explained the origin of humankind. The religion had temples that dominated the landscape. Cultural festivals and competitions brought people together. The stories were transmitted orally due to the absence of text in the faith. Attempts to put the stories in writing were later made by Hesiod and the works of Homer. The questions that led ancients away from religious stories include for instance where the death went to, In Greek, those who died went to Hades and Tartarus a place of torment while in the religion they believe in the resurrection. The views that emerged from the discussions led to the rise of mystery cults that offered consolation one that religion did not provide (Tam and J. C. 518). We in the 21st century still wrestle with incompatible worldviews of religion science and literature. Each step requires a commitment to irreconcilable scientific and religious positions for religious understanding and vice versa. With this approach, science remains relevant.

Work Cited

Tam, J. C. "Book Review: A New Update on Ancient Greek Religion: Jon D. Mikalson, Ancient Greek Religion." The Expository Times, vol 126, no. 10, 2015, pp. 517-518. SAGE Publications, doi: 10.1177/0014524615579979r.

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